Control Your Hypertension with Banana-Tips in Urdu & English

Control Your High Blood Pressure with Banana-  Health Tips in Urdu & English
Hypertension is called silent killer. It has become the most widely spread disease in the whole world. Its too fact that you can control your BP by bringing some changes in your life style and eating habits.

As per latest research banana can bring your high blood pressure down. Banana is also useful for making your heart strong. Banana is the most favorite fruit in the world. It is one of the cheapest fruit which is grown in almost all countries of the world. Bananas have large amount of vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous and Potassium. One banana has about 400 mg potassium in it which reduces the hypertension and make it normal. It is also helpful for keeping your heart fit.

Potassium reduces the amount of salt in the blood, so avoid using salt too. By eating salt level of sodium increases in the blood. This excessive sodium affects the working of kidney. Kidney is the filter and very important organ of human body. It clarify the blood and filter the poisonous material from the blood. Bananas reduces the level of sodium in the blood, resultantly workload on kidneys also reduces, so in short bananas are equally beneficial for kidneys and heart. If you take your health seriously then eat at least 2 bananas daily for controlling your hypertension disease. Fruit and juice therapies can do wonders. Read the details in Urdu language below this post and keep visiting

Control Your Hypertension with Banana-Tips in Urdu & English


Control Your Hypertension with Banana-Tips in Urdu & English

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