MBBS: Its Scope and Career


MBBS is the first professional degree in medicine and surgery which are given to the successful students who pass all the requirements and examinations of medical college or school in those countries read more

Dental Assistant


Dental assistants is a professional or skilled person who assist the dental operator s or in other words, help the dentists in any type of clinic or hospital. They are hired to provide their services read more

Cardiac Technologist


Cardiovascular technologists are also called cardiac technicians and they are specialists in vascular diseases and diagnose the heart-related diseases in the human body. The cardiac technologists are read more



Audiology is  Latin word which is basically a branch of science which deals with he study of hearing, balance, and related disorders etc. Professionals or people who practice and master the skills read more

Anaesthetic Technician


An anesthesia technician is a healthcare professional who helps the medical professionals like  doctors and surgeons in performing anesthesia. Anesthesia is to be performed daily in the hospitals and read more

Scope of Pharm D in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the Pharm.D has been gaining popularity day by day for the last few years. It is not new in Pakistan, the medicine and medical field is old in Pakistan. In this particular field, the doctor read more