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Privacy Policy of
If any one has any of the questions and queries about the privacy policy of this website, then you can write down and pen down the email on this address, we will get back to you quickly.

We have always strive to protect the privacy element of our readers and visitors. It is our utmost important responsibility to secure the privacy factor at any cost. Here you can check out the privacy policy document and by reading and going through the data of this document, the readers will came to know that how information is being received as well as collected by us. This document clearly outline the details and information that how this gathered information is used by this website.

Log Files Purpose
We make use of the log files, like the rest of the websites do! These log files carry the information which is about internet protocol addresses, internet service provider data, browser data, referring pages info, exit pages info. From these log files, we will come to know the trends which are about number of clicks. Moreover, in these log files, the demographic information and data is present and all such stats are present which cannot be identified at the personal level.

Cookies, Web Beacons Purpose
To record and make a complete data on visitors preferences, to record the information which is user specific, to customize the content of our web pages, it is for these jobs that we make use of cookies as well as web beacons.

DoubleClick DART Cookie Job
We know that Google make use of the cookies so that it can serve the suitable number of ads. Basically, Google act as a third party vendor for us. It is this Google who make use of the Dart cookie so that ads can be served and provided to the visitors when they are going to visit our website. Our advertising partners also make use of the cookies and they well utilize these web beacons which are present on out website.

These third party ad-servers, they mainly and primarily use the latest technology so that the links and relevant advertisements can get appear on our website. These cookies and javascript technologies, then we have web beacons technology, third party ad-networks avail these technologies so that they can measure the overall effectiveness level of their links and advertisements. By using these technologies, they can even personalize and customize the content.

We have no access to these cookies, we have no control on these technologies or any one of these cookies. For more of the detailed information, you can consult and read the privacy policy which are given by the third party ad-servers. We do not control the activities or proceedings of these third party ad-servers.

If you want to disable the process of cookies, you can do that! It is by clicking on your individual browser option that you can simply disable these cookies.