A Man With a Vision & Mission-Tribute to Dr Ubaid Ur Rehman & Masjid Rehmat-ul-lil-Alameen

Dr. Ubaid Ur Rehman, A Man With a Mission & Vision, President of Masjid Rehmat-ul-Alameen Committee-Tribute to a Noble Soul

Islamabad is the city of concrete, bureaucracy and politics in Pakistan but there is a beacon of hope & unity too that stands as a testament to the power of community and the vision of a remarkable individual, Dr. Ubaid Ur Rehman. He is the President of Masjid Rehmat-ul-lil-Alameen, administrative committee, Professionally he is an assistant Professor at the International Islamic University Islamabad. Dr Ubaid Ur Rehman has dedicated his life to serving the community & fostering a sense of inclusivity and brotherhood among Muslims of all sects. His unwavering commitment to this cause has earned him the respect & admiration of countless individuals both locally and internationally.



A Man With a Vision & Mission-Tribute to Dr Ubaid Ur Rehman & Masjid Rehmat-ul-lil-Alameen

A Man With a Vision & Mission-Tribute to Dr Ubaid Ur Rehman & Masjid Rehmat-ul-lil-Alameen

Dr Ubaid Ur Rehman’s journey to becoming the esteemed Khateeb and President of Masjid Rehmat-ul-Alameen’s management committee is a testament to his extreme passion for serving the community & his unwavering dedication to his faith. His academic qualification and teaching experience at higher eduation level bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role of a social reformer. He has become an agent of positive change in the Pakistani society. His commitment to promoting a message of peace , tolerance & unity has become a cornerstone of his leadership at Masjid Rehmat-ul-lil-Alameen.


For those who wish to connect with Dr. Ubaid Ur Rehman or contribute to the initiatives of Masjid Rehmat-ul-lill-Alameen , his contact information is readily available at this page of cliniconline.pk. Whether it is through financial support, volunteer work or simply spreading the message of unity & inclusivity , individuals have the opportunity to join Dr Ubaid Ur Rehman in his noble mission of bringing a real and soft Islamic revolution in Pakistan.


Vision and Mission: A Stand Against Sectarianism

At the core of Dr Ubaid Ur Rehman’s vision & mission is a staunch stance against sectarianism. In a time where divisiveness & intolerance threaten to tear communities apart honorable Dr Ubaid Ur Rehman has taken a bold stand in ensuring that Masjid Rehmat-ul-lil-Alameen remains a place of worship & solace for Muslims of all sects. His unwavering commitment to this principle has inspired many and has served as a guiding light for the community.


One of the most striking aspects of Dr Ubaid Ur Rehman’s approach is his refusal to personally meet anyone for donations. Instead , he encourages true Muslims to reach out & provide funds for the mosque’s initiatives. This approach not only reflects a deep sense of humility & trust in the community but also serves as a reminder of the collective responsibility that all Muslims share in supporting their places of worship and community centers.


Community Involvement: Rallying Professional Volunteers

Dr Ubaid Ur Rehman’s impact extends beyond the walls of Jamia Masjid Rahmatulil Alameen islamabad , as he has rallied professional volunteers from various fields to actively participate in community initiatives of various kinds. Lawyers, doctors , teachers & individuals from diverse professional backgrounds have come together under the platform of Jamia Masjid Rehmat-ul-Alameen F8 Islamabad to contribute their expertise & time for the betterment of the community.


This grassroots level approach to community involvement has led to tangible improvements in the lives of those in need. It has also fostered a sense of solidarity & shared purpose among the volunteers . Dr Ubaid Ur Rehman’s stimulant leadership has been instrumental in creating an environment where sincere individuals can come together , set aside their differences & work towards a common goal of serving humanity.


The Noble Example of Masjid e Nabvi

Under Dr Ubaid Ur Rehman’s dynamic leadership, Masjid Rehmat-ul-lil-Alameen Isl has sought to emulate the noble example set by Masjid e Nabvi in Medina. Just as the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) transformed the mosque in Medina into a hub of community development & spiritual guidance , Dr. Ubaid Ur Rehman has endeavored to create a similar environment at Masjid Rehmat-ul-lil-Alameen Islamabad. Through educational programs , charitable initiatives & community outreach, the mosque has become a source of inspiration and hope for many.


Here the emphasis is given on following the exemplary model of Masjid e Nabvi. It serves as a guiding principle for the work being done at Masjid Rehmat-ul-lil-Alameen. It is a reminder that the true essence of a mosque is not just as a place of worship but as a center for community engagement , compassion & positive transformation.


Dr Ubaid Ur Rehman President Masjid  Rehmat-ul-lil-Alameen Committee

Initiatives Taken By Dr Ubaid ur Rehman

Here below we have given the list of revolutionary initiatives taken by Dr Ubaid ul Rehman;
1-Masjid Clinic with pharmacy and telemedicine department for video call consultation
2-Masjid Marriage Hall for marriage of poor girls with free catering, stage, free wedding gifts for bride like sewing machine, clothes, purse and even cash gifts , bridal room, free meal for guests on marriage of orphan brides, seating arrangement of 200 guests air conditioned hall.This facility is offered even to the girls from miniority religions. Hall is given free to all.
3-Masjid free garment store
4-Masjid free shoe store
5-Masjid uniform bank
6-Rest area for tired persons
7-Masjid has launched a movement againt dowry. Youngsters come in masjid and take oath for not demanding dowry from their future wives.
8-Free daily lunch for 200 hungry people,Lunch for 400 people on Friday.
9-Masjid lab free or subsidized medical tests facility.
10-Masjid Baitulmaal for helping the deserving people, orphans, disable persons & widows.
11-Masjid Coaching Center free education upto FA level to deserving students
12-Masjid free legal aid forum.
13-Masjid free weekly medical camps with free medicines for laborers.
14-Fund raising for construction of 70 news mosques in backword areas.
15-Free meat and beef dishes on lunch and dinner times on 3 days of eid ul Azha.
16-Rehmatallil Alameen Center is under construction for free general & religious education of more than 200 deserving students.
17-More thans 450 water taps and water pumps have been provided for free clean water supply.
18-Masjid family council for resolving the disputes between family memebers.
19-Masjid sports club for providing healthy sports facilities to youngsters
20-Masjid self defence club for training of karate and self defence to girlsas
21-Masjid Islamic library



Contact Information of Dr Ubaid Ur Rehman

If you want to contribute in any of the above mentioned initiative then contact Dr Ubaid ur Rehman by calling at following numbers;
Cell Numbers-0321-5152880, 0300-1119369
Landline #-051-2744683


Conclusion: Joining the Cause

In conclusion, the work of Dr Ubaid Ur Rehman and the Masjid Rehmat-ul-lil-Alameen Committee stands as a testament to the power of unity, compassion & service to humanity. The impact of their efforts has resonated far beyond the borders of Islamabad by inspiring individuals around the world to reflect on their own roles in promoting inclusivity & understanding within their communities. We should join hands with this noble person for spreading the true teaching of Islam and for helping the needy people.


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