All About Piles in Urdu & English Like Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Piles Symptoms, Preventions, Causes & Treatment
Here are all of the important facts collected for the readers and these facts will tell them about A to Z information on piles. The other name of this condition, it is hemorrhoids. This condition occurs when the inflamed tissues are collected right in the anal canal. When tissues and veins started to get collected in the anal canal and they further become swollen and inflamed then this condition is given the name of piles. The piles size, it varies. They can either be found on the outside section of anus or they can be found on the inside section of your anus. If you have the problem of internal piles, then note that they are present right between and above the opening part of your anus. These internal piles are one of the common problems as compared to the issue of external piles.

Piles Treatment in Pakistan

Symptoms of Piles
You will feel a painful lump present around your anus. This lump contain and comprise coagulated blood. Whenever you are going to pass a stool, then you will feel a lot of pain. The person will experience an intense pain during bowel movements.

You will see a bright red blood once the bowel will be passed. You will get an itchy anus, it will become red in color and also sore. While you will pass a stool, pain will always be there.

Causes of Piles
It is because of the increased pressure present in your lower rectum that you get piles. Because of the problem of chronic constipation and chronic diarrhea, you will get this condition of piles as well. If you are going to lift heavy weights, during your pregnancy time, if you are aged, then these are also common causes of getting piles.

Treatment for Piles
You have to make positive and healthy lifestyle changes. You should always eat those foods which is rich in fibers. You have to manage your weight scale. If you are going to eat a fiber rich diet and you will control your weight, then you will get successful in avoiding this condition.

By bringing changes in your meal plans, it will become easy for you to get soft and regular stools. Eat more amount of fruits and vegetables. You have to increase your water consumption intake process. It will be best if you try to avoid caffeine.

If you want to treat this piles condition, then make sure that you control your body weight. The severity of your piles condition can get treated if your body weight will remain balanced.

In the medication section, you can get painkillers or ointments, you can use creams so that the swelling which is present around your anus can be treated. Some of the doctors also prescribe the use of laxatives. These laxatives can cure your piles issue and your constipation problem will be solved too. There are surgical options available too. If you are interested in homeopathic treatment of piles then contact our team.

This is how you can treat piles, so apply this treatment and easy remedies on yourself as well if you are the target of this condition.

All About Piles in Urdu & English Like Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

All About Piles in Urdu & English Like Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

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