All About Zika Virus in Urdu & English-Symptoms, Preventions & Treatment

All About Zika Virus in Urdu & English Languages-Symptoms, Diagnosis, Preventions, Causes & Treatment
Here we have collected all information for you about zika virus. This virus disease is caused because of the mosquito borne viral infection, here you will go through the causes, symptoms and treatment of this issue. This disease occurs in the tropical as well as in the sub tropical areas and regions of the world. If you have Zika virus then you will see that in the initial terms, you will not find and seen any particular sign or symptom of this disease. You will just have a general in form headache problem, you will get red eyes or there will be a general feeling of having a discomfort if this Zika virus is present in your body.

Zika Virus Symptoms Details
If you have been infected with this Zika virus then you will get a mild fever, you will get rashes as well, there will be muscle pain in your body or you will get joints pain. Other of the signs and symptoms which are part of this virus, they are they you will have red eyes.

When to Visit The Doctor If You Have Zika Virus?
If you start noticing these symptoms and signs in your body then you need to consult the doctor right away. You should not at all delay your treatment and have the meeting with your doctor as soon as possible.

Causes of Zika Virus
Discussing the causes of this zika virus, here they are! If some Aedes species of mosquito has bite you, then you will be infected and become the victim of this virus. This species of mosquito is found all over the world. This virus was first identified in the time of 1947 in the regions of Africa. It is also through the sexual contact and it is because of the blood transfusion that this virus gets enter into the human body.

Complications Linked to Zika Virus
If you are pregnant and you are infected with this viral disease then there are chances that you will have a miscarriage. Or there might be a situation that your baby will have a congenital kind of brain condition. Your baby shall have a collapsed skull, there will be a brain damage situation. Because of this Zika virus, your eyes can get damaged, you can have joint problems or you might experienced limited motion.

Prevention Measures And Treatment
You should avoid your traveling to those areas where there is an outbreak of this virus.If your partner is infected and been a victim of this viral disease then you should not have a sexual contact with him.

You should stay in the well screened housing if you are living in the location which is exposed with this Zika virus.

You have to use mosquito repellents to remain at the safe side.

More information on the scientific and medical note on Zika virus will be shared. We homeopathic doctors can control all viral infections as homeopathy rely more on treatment of human being as compared to allopathic doctors who just fight against germs and make them more stronger than before. Here are details about Zika virus infection in Urdu.

All About Zika Virus in Urdu & English-Symptoms, Preventions & Treatment

All About Zika Virus in Urdu & English-Symptoms, Preventions & Treatment


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