All You Need to Know About Stevia, Health Benefits, Taste, History, Controversies & Facts

All about Stevia Sugar Plant – Introduction, Uses, Benefits, Tips about Home Plantation

Stevia is a natural alternative to sugar, and its potential to help people lose weight and boost their health has been proven.
“Stevia is the only natural sugar substitute that has no calories or artificial sweeteners. Stevia sugar has more than 3x the sweetness of sugar and has no side effects.”



“The stevia sugar plant has its roots in South American shrub commonly known as Stevia rebaudiana. It produces a low-calorie, high-sweetness herb that has been used for centuries as a natural sweetener.”


“Stevia has been used as a natural sweetener since ancient times. The stevia leaf contains steviol glycosides, the most important of which are rebaudioside A and B. These compounds are 30 times sweeter than sucrose, with no calories and no aftertaste. Stevia is the only natural sugar substitute that has no calories or artificial sweeteners.


If you are looking for the best Stevia sugar plant, then you are at the right place. Here I am going to discuss some benefits of Stevia and how it can work as a part of weight loss.

All You Need to Know About Stevia, Health Benefits, Taste, History, Controversies & Facts

All You Need to Know About Stevia, Health Benefits, Taste, History, Controversies & Facts


1. Is Stevia the New Sweetener?
Stevia is a natural sweetener with over 300 years of history and growing use worldwide, as an alternative to sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and other artificial sweeteners. According to The Stevia Center, Stevia is “a natural, zero calorie, and zero glycemic index sweetener.” Stevia is about 10 times sweeter than sugar and has a longer shelf life than other artificial sweeteners, making it ideal for baking and other applications. In the U.S., Stevia is legal to sell as a food additive under the GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status.



2. The Facts About Stevia
You’ve probably seen the sugar-free, zero-calorie sweetener Stevia in your favorite brand of soda or energy drink. But did you know it’s not actually sugar? Stevia is made from the steviol glycosides extracted from the stevia plant, and its benefits are many. It’s better for you than sugar because it provides a gentle sweet taste without causing any spikes in blood glucose levels. Stevia has been shown to reduce body weight, help regulate blood pressure, and promote healthy digestion. There is evidence that it can even increase lifespan!


The stevia leaf looks very similar to those of its close cousin, the sweetly scented gardenia plant. You might have heard about stevia before. People are using it as a sugar substitute because it has almost no calories. You can find stevia in your local grocery store’s aisle. It’s also available at majority of online stores and health food stores.



3. The History of Stevia
Stevia is a natural sweetener made from the stevia leaf. It was first discovered by Swiss pharmacist Carl Ludwig Stevia Rebaudiana in Paraguay. In 1893 he reported it to a German company. The German company did some research, found it to be beneficial for health, and eventually created a product named after Rebaudiana.



4. Stevia’s Health Benefits
It’s hard to find any negative health benefits of stevia. In fact, there are numerous reports of positive health effects associated with the use of stevia as a sugar substitute, including weight loss, prevention of dental cavities, and even lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease. It’s a sweetener with no calories, no sugar, no carbohydrates, no gluten, no gluten, no caffeine, and no additives. It’s also a natural product, as opposed to many of the artificial sweeteners and additives found in many commercial products.



5. Stevia’s Controversies
One of the most popular sweeteners on the market today is stevia, a natural sweetener derived from the steviol glycosides plant. It’s available in powder, liquid, and granular form, and it has no calories and few side effects. However, many health-minded consumers are concerned about its safety due to the presence of some potentially harmful compounds in the chemical make-up of stevia. These are just myths as its side effects are very mild and donot appear in case of normal use.



6. What Does Stevia Taste Like?
“Stevia has a distinct sweet, grassy taste that’s about twice as sweet as sugar.”.



7. How to Grow Stevia at Home
The goal of growing stevia is to grow your own supply of the sweetener, not to make money. The amount of sugar you need to make a pound of stevia can vary widely depending on what variety you’re growing and how much you’re watering. When starting out, it’s generally recommended to start with one to five plants per gallon. The more stevia you grow, the more efficient your growing cycle will be.



10. Conclusion
In short if you are an health conscious person then you must use stevia sugar plant in-place of sugar as its harmless and have lot of health benefits. Do try it for experiencing the health benefits of this plant.





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