Bipolar Disorder-Causes, Precautions, Symptoms & Treatment

All About Bipolar Disorder in Urdu & English Languages Like Causes, Precautions, Preventions, Symptoms & Treatment
For the information, this bipolar disorder is formerly called with the name of manic depression. It is a kind of mental health condition which can cause extreme amount of mood swings and emotional highs and also emotional lows. It is true that whenever a person gets depressed, then he gets sad and too hopeless. He just loses all kinds of interest as well as pleasure in the daily tasks of his life. When your mood is going to be shifted to mania or towards hypomania then you will always feel euphoric and full of energy. This disorder can proceed to a lifelong condition. Note that this bipolar disorder can well be treated by using some medications and also psychological counseling.

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder
There are many kinds of this disorder and there are many related disorders which are linked to bipolar disorder. Some of them included in this category are mania, hypomania, depression. You will feel some of the big unpredictable changes right in your mood, behavior. You will feel significant distress in your mood.

In bipolar I disorder, you will be facing one manic episode and then it can be followed by the episode of hypomanic and depressive episodes. Then in bipolar II disorder, you will be encountering major types of depressive episodes and one hypomanic episode.

Remember that mania is much and more dangerous than that of hypomania. You will come across more number of problems at work and school and during your social activities if you have this mania disorder.

There will be abnormally upbeat and increased activity and agitation in your mood. You will feel an exaggerated sense of self-confidence in yourself. You will no longer feel the need to have a sleep. Your ability will get decrease to think or to concentrate.

Causes of Bipolar Disorder
It is unknown that what are the exact amount and number of causes of this disorder. But there are many factors which give rise to this disorder.

It might be due to the biological differences. This disorder is common among those people who do have this first-degree relative. These days all researchers are trying to find out that specific genes which give birth and totally involved in causing this disorder.

Prevention And Treatment of Bipolar Disorder
You can stop this disorder to get worse, you need to notice its earliest signs so that this mental health disorder may not become worse. When you are going to pay attention to the warning signs of this disorder, then right away you should call your doctor.

You have to avoid all kinds of alcohol and drugs. If you will be using these recreational drugs then your symptoms will become severe.

You should take all your medications regularly and also as directed. If you will limit the use of your medication then your symptoms will return back to you.

This is the basic information of bipolar disorder. If you need homeopathic medicine for treatment of bipolar disorder then contact our medical team immediately. Stay tuned and more and medical information of this disorder will be conveyed. Now read all about bipolar disorder in Urdu language. This article has been taken from daily Jang Lahore.

Bipolar Disorder-Causes, Precautions, Symptoms & Treatment

Bipolar Disorder-Causes, Precautions, Symptoms & Treatment

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