Heat Stroke, Causes, Prevention, Symptoms, Treatment & Tips (Urdu-English)

All About Heat Stroke in Urdu & English Like Causes, Precautions, Symptoms, Treatment & Smart Tips
It happens that when your body gets overheated, then the situation of heat stroke occurs. Here we will explain to you about the causes, symptoms, prevention measures and treatment of this issue. If you will have the prolonged amount of exposure in front of the sun or at the high temperatures then you will be affected with this problem. This issue requires an immediate amount of emergency treatment. If you will not be treated with this heat stroke problem then your heart or your brain can get damage. Your muscles or your kidneys can get damage too.

Symptoms of Heat Stroke
You will face a high body temperature, you will get this slurred speech and your body language will become agitated and confused. You can even get into coma because of this heat stroke. You will have an excessive sweating and your skin will become slightly moist in its form. You will get vomiting and nausea and your stomach will feel sick. The individual will feel a lot of headache.

Causes of Heat Stroke
It is due to the exposure with the hot environment that you become the target of this issue. When you will be exposed to the humid weather or to the hot weather, then this chronic illness will get into your body. Moreover, if you will do intense activities during hot weather then you will get heat stroke. By wearing excessive number of clothings during the summer time, if you will going to drink alcohol during hot temperature time, then this common issue will affect you.

Complications Part of Heat Stroke
Your vital and main organs may get damage.
Your main organs will have a permanent damage if you will not treat this heat stroke issue on time

In the summer time, you should wear loose clothes, your clothing has to be light weight so that you may feel cool during the summer time.

You should protect yourself against these sunburn types. When you go out, then you should wear a wide brimmed hat as well as sunglasses. You should wear and apply broad spectrum sunscreen so that your skin many not get rashes.

You should be drinking plenty amount of fluids, juices and water in this hot summer time. Keep yourself hydrated so that your body temperature may not get overheated.

You should not ever and ever park your car in the sun, suppose your child is in the car and you have parked your car right in front of the sun, this act will be dangerous for your child and he will get a heat stroke for sure.

This is how you can treat and deal with this major issue which is heat stroke. So with every summer season time, do take these safety measures and treatment remedies so that you many not get negatively affected with this problem. We will share more simple ways and basic treatment criteria to deal with this common summer season problem.

Heat Stroke, Causes, Prevention, Symptoms, Treatment & Tips (Urdu-English)

Heat Stroke, Causes, Prevention, Symptoms, Treatment & Tips


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