High Blood Pressure, Symptoms, Causes, Preventions & Treatment (Urdu-English)

How To Lower High Blood Pressure? Tips in Urdu & English
We have seen that this issue of having high blood pressure level, it is common among the females and most of the target community is quite fed up from this health issue. You can get involved into health problems like heart disease if you have a high BP. Note that the higher amount of blood is going out to be pumped and more the narrower your arteries are going to become, then your BP level will become higher. If you will see a damage in your blood vessels or if you notice problems in your heart health then always believe that your BP level is getting unstabilized.

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure 
One should about the symptoms of this high blood pressure in detail, if you have these regular headaches problem and if there is a shortness of breath, then your BP rate is high. If you notice that your nose is getting a bleeding then note that your BP level is at the threatening stage.

Causes of High BP
For the information, there are usually two types and kinds of BP levels and they are primary hypertension and secondary hypertension. There is no appropriate cause which has been identified for this primary hypertension type. Moving onto this secondary hypertension type, it is an underlying condition and it is caused because of the kidney problems and thyroid problems. This later BP type is too caused due to adrenal gland tumors and sleep apnoea.

Treatment of Hypertension 
You have to stay away from this obesity issue, if you are overweight then you will get high and fluctuating BP levels. It is important for the targeted person that he has to be physically active, if you are included in the inactive people category then you will have a higher heart rate as well.

Say good bye to the use to tobacco, if you are in this regular habit to smoke or chew tobacco then you will remain in this danger zone to get a high blood pressure. In your meals, you have to minimize the intake of sodium content. If there is too much and extreme presence of sodium in your meals then your body BP level will likely to be increased.

It is these high levels of stress which also give you high levels of BP. Make sure that smile should be present on your face, relax down yourself and do not stress down a lot.

Complication If You Get a High Blood Pressure 
The important and risky complication which you will get is this heart attack problem, or the issue of having a stroke. Your blood vessels can become weak and you can be involved in the issue of having aneurysm, this is a life threatening problem and situation. If your blood vessels are going to get narrow and weaker then your kidneys can get damage.
Now make sure as to not to get high blood pressure level at any time.

How To Control High Blood Pressure? Tips & Tricks in Urdu & English

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High Blood Pressure, Symptoms, Causes, Preventions & Treatment (Urdu-English)

High Blood Pressure, Symptoms, Causes, Preventions & Treatment (Urdu-English)

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