How To Lower Cholesterol Level? Health Tips in Urdu & English

How To Control Cholesterol Level? Best Health Tips in Urdu & English LanguagesĀ 
This cholesterol is a waxy kind of substance which is found and present in the fats, it is true that our body needs some amount of cholesterol so that healthy cells can be build up. But what if your cholesterol level is getting high? It is because of the high cholesterol level that the increase in the risk of heart diseases get occur. The fatty deposits start to develop in your blood vessels. Here you will know about the tips that how can you maintain this cholesterol level:

Keep Your Body Fit
To control this cholesterol level of yours, you have to keep your body all fit, you can do so by taking the unsaturated fats. These fats are healthy for your body and heart and help you to stabilize the cholesterol level and rate.

Have Nuts And Avocados
You need to prefer those food items which are rich in the content of unsaturated fats and which contain the less presence of saturated fats. So it means, you can have nuts and almonds, you can have avocados, olive oil, vegetables and fish. In the fish category, we can have salmon and trout. We have to make sure that the maximum calories content should be received from the unsaturated fats, in this way the lipids amount in our body will remain stable as well.

Do Regular Exercise
To keep a check on your cholesterol level, you have to do the regular exercise. You can do the cardio exercise, it is also termed as aerobic exercises, this exercise will keep your heart condition and health stronger. You should also be doing the resistance training, such training sessions will stabilize and balance your cholesterol level.

Aerobics Control Your Cholesterol Level
By doing aerobics, you will not be able to control your cholesterol level only, in fact you can control the risk of stroke and other heart problems. The blood circulation process will become better. You should do a medium mode aerobic exercises, these exercises should neither be much intense, nor should be much easy. You can play tennis or do the cycling, you can do swimming or hiking, walking and running to bring back your high cholesterol to a balanced mode.

Quit Smoking
Then the last tip and suggestion of controlling your cholesterol level, you have to quit smoking. This is the ultimate precautionary measure which you have to take if you often see and feel that your cholesterol level remains high and not so balanced!

We are sure all the readers have received the idea that how cholesterol level can be maintained, you can keep connected with us and further measures of keeping your body fit and healthy will be put up. If you have other measures and tips in your mind of keeping your body fit, BP level maintained and cholesterol level balanced then share those great and effective tips with us.

How To Lower Cholesterol Level? Health Tips in Urdu & English

How To Lower Cholesterol Level? Health Tips in Urdu & English

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