Measles Symptoms, Precautions, Causes & Treatment (Urdu-English)

All About Measles Symptoms, Preventions, Causes & Treatment in Urdu & English
Note that measles is one of the highly infectious illnesses which is caused because of rubeola virus. This disease can produce huge and devastating results at the same time. In Pakistan, every year children are affected because of having measles. In 2011 year, 4386 children were affected and in 2012 year, 14687 children became the victim of this disease and in 2013 year, 25401 children were negatively affected. This health issue is also called with the name of rubeola or you can call it morbilli, it is an endemic disease. Here you will know about the important causes, symptoms and the possible treatment of measles:

Symptoms Details
If you notice the breakout of spots, then make sure that there is a possibility that you are getting measles. You will get a constant cough, you will also get a runny nose. Once you will get the initial infection then after the time gap of 9 to 11 days, you will notice and see these symptoms in your body.

You will get this dry in form hacking cough, the infected person will get swollen eyelids and also inflamed eyes. Your eyes will get watery and they will become sensitive to light at the same time. You will sneeze a lot, There will be the appearance of bluish white centers or grayish white spots in your mouth, in your cheeks and also in your throat.

Causes Details
It is due to this rubeola virus that measles gets infected and enters into your body. For the information, this virus actually lives right in the mucus part of your nose and then the person gets eventually infected.

Before rashes start to appear, this disease comes out in a contagious form for about four days. This infection mainly spread if you are going to have a physical contact with some infected person. If you will touch the droplets of mucus and then put them into your mouth then measles will enter into your body as well.

So far there is no specific treatment which is made and introduced for this measles issues, any how you need to drink plenty amount of fluids so that you can remain hydrated. If you notice that your body temperature is getting higher, then you need to keep yourself all cool. You need to take the medications to control your fever.

You can keep the lights of your room all dim, in this way your comfort level will be enhanced and measles will eventually increase the sensitivity towards light.

If you notice any sort of crustiness right around your eyes, then you have to clean them up by using a warm and damp cloth.

You will get a fever because of measles, so make sure that you drink lot of water to prevent the issue of dehydration.

This is how measles can be controlled and treated if you get infected by them. Now read all about measles in Urdu language below this page.

Measles Symptoms, Precautions, Causes & Treatment (Urdu-English)

Measles Symptoms, Precautions, Causes & Treatment (Urdu-English)


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