Mentum AI Best AI Writer, Review, Templates, Comparison with Wordhero, Appsumo LTD

Mentum AI Best New AI Copywriter,Content Generator & Writing Assistant Software, Honest Review 
If you’re like most people, you probably spend way too much time writing. In fact, the average person spends about 3 hours everyday writing emails, reports, or other work-related documents.

But what if there was a way to write 50x faster?

Well, there is!

With, you can write content 50x faster than you normally would.

How? has a number of writing tools available that can help speed up the process, such as a Paraphraser, Text Extender, or Summarizer. With this ai article writing tool you can write content faster, with less stress and more productivity, you need to be using writing tools. Content writing can be a daunting task, but with’s paraphraser, text extender, summarizer and custom writer, you can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Mentum AI Writing Tools

There are a number of writing tools available that can help speed up the process, such as a Paraphraser, Text Extender, or Summarizer. These tools can help you generate new engaging content or edit existing content much faster than you could do on your own.



If you’re running a blog, you know how important it is to keep it updated regularly. But coming up with new ideas for posts can be a challenge. offers a blog ideas generation tool to help you come up with ideas for your next post. And with the Outline, Paragraph writer, and Blog conclusion tools, you can have a post ready to publish in no time.



If you’re launching a new website, you’ll need to create content that is both informative and engaging. can help you generate converting content for your website, including a Hero Text or Call to Action. And with the launch promotion tools, you can get your site live in minutes.


Digital Marketing

Creating effective digital marketing campaigns can be time-consuming. But with, you can generate all the content you need for your next campaign on any platform, whether it’s Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn.


Custom Writer (The Game Changer)

If you need content that you can’t find a template for,’s Custom Writer can help you create anything you need. With, you can launch your promotion faster and easier than ever before. You may use this option to produce your own recipe just like boss mode of Jasper AI.



Writing emails can be a pain. But with’s email tools, you can save yourself from writing any emails from scratch. You may even generate result oriented sales email.


Startup Tools

There are many startup tools too in this software which can help you to produce creative ideas for products, websites and services like names, product descriptions etc.


Mentum AI

Why Mentum AI?

Now there unlimited ai writing tools are available in the market and Jasper AI is considered the best ai content writing software but now a potential competitor of Jasper AI has arrived in the market of ai copy writing tools i.e Mentum AI. This tool is unique due to its great users friendly features and team of genius developers. This software has the potential of producing high quality automatically SEO optimized content on every keyword in your imagination. The tool has ability to do wonders for copywriters, web masters and marketers. Super creativity is the key feature of this ai software as every times it produces the unique and plagiarism free content on even one topic or keyword.

Mentum AI Best AI Writer, Review, Templates, Comparison with Wordhero, Appsumo LTD

Mentum AI Best AI Writer, Review, Templates, Comparison with Wordhero, Appsumo LTD


Other ai writing tools majority of time produce irrelevant content or many outputs, out of which just one or two may have content related to input, where as Mentum ai just create one best possible generation, exactly as per the input instructions. Other ai writing software can produce content on limited number of keywords and generate generic content, on the other hand artificial intelligence of mentum ai has been trained on almost all topics and keywords, as it can even write technical content and content on your local keywords with super ease. You may earn lot of money by using this ai content writing tool as a writer, blogger or digital marketer. Mentum is going to launch long form, on click complete article rewriting, visual content generator and write more features very soon. Content generated by Mentum ai can increase your website traffic and conversion rates dramatically.



Key Features of Mentum AI Appsumo LTD

Fortunately now Mentum AI has also launched its life time deal at Appsumo. This LTD offers 400000 words per month and available in just 59$. This deal is with 2 months money back guarantee and all feature updates of future by the company. Now there is also not need of credit card for free trial. This affordable LTD is being offered for little time so without wasting time buy it before it is too late. I assure you that it will be the your best long term investment on Appsumo.


Mentum AI Lifetime Deal at Appsumo


Mentum AI Vs WordHero

Mentum AI is a way ahead from Wordhero that’s why it is offering free trial for seven days. It can produce engaging content on more diverse topics/keywords than wordhero. Its LTD price is also 30$ less than wordhero. You will not have to pay extra 89$ for long form. Wordhero has not the option of “Custom Writer” which can write any kind of accurate and high quality content for you on all keywords. GPT-3 and proprietary ML models of Mentum AI have been more trained than wordhero that’s why i prefer Mentum AI on all other ai content writers including wordhero.



Mentum AI Templates

There are more than 30 writing templates at present in Mentum which you may view at, but i personally love the templates of paraphraser, cold email writer, FAQ questions generator, Facebook ads recipes, hero text, text extender, product description writer, outline generator, job interview question generator and testimonials writer. All these tools produce human-like content. For any query you may send email at Response time of this company is also very fast.



So if you’re looking to save time on your content writing, be sure to check out With our tools, you can write faster and better than you ever thought possible.


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