One Week Detox Juice Diet Plan (Urdu-English)

What is Detox Juice? Health Benefits-Seven Days Detox Juice Diet Plan in Urdu & English Languages
Here are the details for you which are one week detox juice diet plan. This is a great and one of the recommended diet plans. This juice is quite easy to make and packed with many benefits both of in terms of health and skin beauty. Below you can check out the elaborated benefits and plus points of this one week detox juice diet plan and then share results with us.

Health Benefits of Detox Juice
By drinking this detox juice, you will be able to maintain as well as control your weight. Your body will get into a position to digest the food immediately and properly. Your cholesterol range gets balanced and your liver and stomach also gets cleaned and purified. By consuming this juice, the blood sugar level of yours gets maintained and your body becomes more stronger and flexible.

Total Juice Fast
In the first seven days, you should only be drinking this juice and you cannot have other meals. As the name suggest, during these seven days, your consumption and meal plan will only be focused on this detox juice. This juice will help you in weight loss a lot. Before you opt for this weight loss strategy, do consult your doctor and he will better guide you.

Balanced Meal Replacement
The second method and strategy which helps you in losing weight is to go for balanced meal replacement mode. By following this strategy, you have to omit and take out two to three unhealthy foods from your life and instead of them, you should be drinking this detox juice. Follow this practice for one week and see amazing results. Have foods which are packed with the content of carbohydrates and instead of eating fried and processed foods, you should have this juice. Note that while making this juice, it is must for you to add lots of vegetables.

How to Make a Detox Juice?
First you have to collect all the needed fruits and vegetables. Then cut them down in the portion size of one inch. Add all these vegetable and fruits in the juicer and process all the ingredients according to your need.

Green Detox Juice
This is one of the most popular detox juices and while making this specific juice, you have to balanced portion and content of fruits and vegetables. To make this juice, you need to have green apple, ajwain, kale, cucumber, ginger, podina. Just mix all of the ingredients after adding them in the juicer grinder and have this gree detox juice on a daily and most regular basis.

Do follow and move on this one week detox juice diet plan and let us know, share with us how it worked for you! We will share more weight control and healthy diet plans with you, so keep in touch with us. The great weight control and healthy lifestyle plan is shared and provided to you, feel free to have this detox juice diet plan to be used and availed in your lifestyle.

One Week Detox Juice Diet Plan (Urdu-English)

One Week Detox Juice Diet Plan (Urdu-English)

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