The Life of a Pharmacist

Preparing medicines and drugs for the cure of different diseases is a difficult task, it requires extreme care, the use of modern technology and the correct mixing of chemicals to make the formula work right for fighting the diseases. Preparing a drug according to the right chemical formula is a mastery not everyone can do easily, only the skilled professionals who are known as pharmacists can do that. The distribution of those drugs amont the people who have no idea how to treat their diseases and ailments is another art the pharmacy professionals master. Their advice act like a light in the dark for the sick individuals.

Why Pharmacists are so important?

The drugs are sold in various packets and under different brand names in the market. The role of a pharmacist is to supervise the network of distribution of drugs and so that the lives of people can be saved on time and no harm is ever done to the health of any individual due to wrong dose of medicine.They examine the manufacturing of drugs in the factory, and then bring them to the drug store to provide them publically. In United States and advanced countries, there is a license for opening a drug store without which a pharmacist cannot perform his duties. H e or she must be qualified enough to understand and have deep knowledge of all kind of drugs they have to provide to the general public.

Knowledge, Duties and Professional Life

Pharmacists are so important part of the society that without them, the modern medical science cannot survive or exist. They are solely responsible for the distribution and selling of prescribed drugs to the sick individuals, their tasks are complex like doing a full examination of the existing drugs and their formulas. Pharmacists have all the knowledge about any drug that can change the state of a patient, for example, diseases like TB, sugar , heart diseases and even prevention from smoking require special medicine and course for few weeks or months. They know all the protective measures for these kinds of patients and they educate them about how to lessen the effects of these diseases of addictions.

Most pharmacists spend many hours of their days on their feet, they are  active and mobile people. In the field of pharmacy, there is a requirement of activity and active individuals who can  perform their duties well. A lot of these professionals spend all night at the drug stores, serving the sick patients and doing a great favor for the humanity. They hardly take Sundays of Saturdays off, they are always on duty. The timings of their duties frequently change in the hospitals and drug stores, therefore they have to be very alert and active on their jobs in different shifts. There is a slight difference between the environment of work when pharmacists have to work in a hospital or a drug store, they both have to face some challenges.


The students of pharmacy in any institution are required to equip themselves with the following skills: They must have good communication and empathetic personality, they must be proficient in the use of accounting software, scientific software, inventory software, database software and label making software.

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