Tuberculosis TB Symptoms, Precautions & Treatment (Urdu & English)

Tuberculosis TB Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Preventions & Treatment in Urdu & English Languages
The complete details of causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment of TB tuberculosis is mentioned on this page. It is one of the potentially and one of the serious infectious diseases which is common in this whole world. It is caused by the bacteria and this disease can be transmitted from one person to another person through these tiny droplets which are released right into the air while the affected person is going to cough and sneeze.

Symptoms of Tuberculosis
First we will highlight to the readers one of the main symptoms of TB, you will go through an intense coughing process and this coughing will last for about three weeks, then there will be blood presence in your coughing. You will feel chest pain and you will too feel pain while you will breathe. There will be weight loss, the patient of tuberculosis will face fever and fatigue kind of situations, you will get night sweats and chills.

Causes of TB(Tuberculosis)
It is mainly caused by the bacteria and it is through these microscopic droplets transmission that TB disease gets enter into your body. If the person who has TB and you are sitting right next to him, if he cough and sneeze, if he spits or laughs, if he sneezes then there are huge chances that you will get TB as well.

Risk Factors Linked to Tuberculosis (TB)
Your immune system shall become weaker, those who are been affected with tuberculosis, their immune system gradually become weaker day by day, their immune system resistance becomes and gets quite low. You can get HIV, AIDS as well, you can become the patient of diabetes. The targeted person can get involved into the severe kind of kidney disease, he an get cancers.

How to Treat TB (Tuberculosis)?
You can treat this tuberculosis issue too, you should opting a serious medical care routine for yourself, you should not be the victim of substance abuse. You have to stop using and consuming these drugs and alcohol drinks, these are the things which make your immune system weak and you eventually fall prey to TB.

You should not make a regular contact with those people who are already affected with this disease, you should take proper medications so that you and your family can remain protected. Your room has to be ventilated so that these TB germs might not spread from one room to another room.

If you have tuberculosis then it is important for you to cover your mouth, you can also wear a mask to be on the safest side. It is too important for the patient that he has to complete the whole course of medication.

This is all of the information which we have collected about tuberculosis, so if any of your loved one has this TB then you should follow these ways and basic remedies to treat his TB disease. Homeopathy can also cureĀ tuberculosis, contact us for treatment of TB.

Tuberculosis TB Symptoms, Precautions & Treatment (Urdu & English)

Tuberculosis TB Symptoms, Precautions & Treatment (Urdu & English)

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