Uric Acid Causes, Precautions, Symptoms & Treatment (Urdu/English)

Uric Acid, Arthritis, Gout-Causes, Precautions, Symptoms, Preventions and Treatment in Urdu & English LanguagesĀ 
Do you know that the excess amount of uric acid in your body can give you lots of health issues and troubles, among these common health issues, we have gout which is one of the common arthritis issues faced among people. The increased amount of uric acid in your body can give you intense amount of pain in your joints, it can cause swelling and also stiffness right in your joints. This excess presence can slowly damage your joint tissues and can too cause inflammation in all those regions. You can get into metabolic diseases or you might fall into cardiovascular diseases if you have excess and high presence of uric acid in your body.

Treatment of High Uric Acid, Arthritis & Gout

Causes of Uric Acid
When too much amount of uric acid is going to be produced in your body then it will eventually build up in the form of needle kind of crystals and these crystals will trigger massive range of inflammation in your joints and surrounding tissues.

Our blood dissolve this uric acid and the excess amount is usually excreted with the help of kidneys. But the excessive presence can cause these problems.

Symptoms of Uric Acid
This health issue can occur at any time. When you are going to feel intense joint pain then this is the sign that uric acid amount is getting increased and higher in your body. If you will notice the sense of discomfort and also inflammation in your joints, if there will be redness in your joints then it is one of the sure symptoms of uric acid high presence.

First your big toe joint will be affected and later on rest of your joints as well as surrounding tissues will be affected. Your ankles and knees and too your elbows and wrists, fingers, they will feel pain.

There are many complications which you can face! You might start getting kidney stones which will be collected in your urinary tract. Your joints will be gradually damaged.

Prevention And Treatment
You have to follow few of the dietary guidelines and lifestyle guidelines so that amount of uric acid can remain balanced in your body. You have to maintain the highest amount of fluid intake. You should drink water of about 2 liters to 4 liters quantity on a per day basis.

You have to avoid alcohol consumption. You should try to maintain the balanced and healthy weight gain range of yours. If you are severely affected then you have to take the medication. By doing this treatment and medication, your symptoms will be cured.

These medications will sure decrease the production of yours uric acid. This treatment will improve the ability of your kidney and excess uric acid will be removed from your body.
If you will not go for this treatment then you might get the severe form of gout attack. Homeopathy has very effective medicines for treatment of uric acid, gout and arthritis. You are welcome to consult our medical team for getting medicines by post.

Uric Acid Causes, Precautions, Symptoms & Treatment (Urdu/English)

Uric Acid Causes, Precautions, Symptoms & Treatment (Urdu/English)


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