Why Google is Going to Die? End of Adsense

Fall of Google Adsense, Causes & Solutions

Note down please my prediction that Google is going to die soon. It is to going to become history. Just Google itself is responsible for its decline. I has been working with adsense since 2014, but now my adsense income has dropped a lot without any solid reason. Google’s updates has destroyed Google. Old websites are not being given due credit. Spammers are on rise. Google adx companies are promoting spamming.


Why Google is Going to Die? End of Adsense

Why Google is Going to Die? End of Adsense

Advertisers are being cheated. Large number of bloggers are now depending on fake paid traffic. Advertisers are getting more return from facebook and tiktok. Adsense loading has become a business. Fake clicks are on rise. Same is the case with youtube too. Original bloggers are suffering as adsense is decreasing CPC for asian traffic. I have personally talked with youtube support team member about this issue but i noticed he was also not concerned with the future of adsense. Peoples are uploading videos about ecpm, adsense loading and traffic arbitrage on youtube but their channels are not being blocked. What this show? Is adsense and google promoting scammers? Real bloggers are quiting blogging but administration of adsense sleeping.Scamming is on the rise.



More About Fall of Google

Google has failed to help out the original bloggers and vloggers. Its algorithm and updates have also failed totally. Adx accounts and adsense accounts are being sold openly on social media platforms, even you may also see gigs about adsense loading on fiverr. You and me are seeing all this wrong activities but google is sleeping. Its support team is also not reacting. Solution is very easy, not to offer adsense ads to new sites. Adsense should be offered to at least 1 year old websites with 400 articles at least.




Adx companies should be closed. Old sites should be offered high CPC and they should be ranked higher in Google search. All backlinks except links of guest posts should not be considered as ranking factors. AI articles should not be ranked. Length of articles should not be considered a ranking factor. Real old bloggers should be promoted. Their sites should be ranked higher in Google search. Google sandbox period should be increased. Ads should be shown on pages with organic traffic. Paid traffic should be allowed but not for adsense ads. From April 2023 asian bloggers are facing the issue of low CPC and there income has dropped ten times. Genuine bloggers are suffering and scammers are booming. Is this a justice? Justice delayed is justice denied.



Final Words

Advertisers will also leave adsense and youtube soon as they are not getting the required result. Its an alarming situation for adsense. Adx accounts are being sold and used to deceive adsense and its advertisers. Kindly change your algorithm and updates, as ChatPT is not a real danger for you but these harami (Bastard) bloggers and vloggers who are cheating with adsense and its advertisers. I am going to change my profession but adsense had feeded me for ten years so being a loyal adsense friend i am writing this post.

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