Best Yoga Exercises For Females-Tips in Urdu & English

Some Recommended Yoga Exercises For Women & Girls- Health Tips in Urdu & English Languages
It is true that yoga is very helpful for human individuals, it gives you peace, complete relaxation, tone down your body and muscles in less time. Here we have best yoga exercises for females, you can catch up and easily follow these tips. Many females face obesity issue because they do not follow a proper exercise routine for themselves. It is even recommended for pregnant women to do simple yoga. The practice of doing yoga, not only you will get a perfect body shape, also you get lot of relaxation and a stress free life. Here we will just focus on the females target market and we will let them know about the simple yoga exercises which they can do at their homes. You should start from the very basics and if you have a neck or knee problem then you should not do complex yoga poses for yourself.

Relaxation Pose
In this exercise, you will be sitting 100% straight and your back bone has to be in straight posture. Make sure that in your surroundings, there should be no light coming, light has to be dim in the room where you are doing yoga. Close your eyes and take deep breaths. Take long breaths and expand your nostrils so that better breathing out process can take place. If air is accumulated in your lungs or you want to expand your chest area then this is the best yoga exercise. Your muscles will get stronger if you will do this exercise regularly for ten seconds.

Yoga Exercise to Get Rid of Stress
Take one cushion which you have to place underneath your bottom and the other cushion will be used to place your head on it. Expand your legs and take your hands at the back side of your bottom section. Lay down yourself in a position that your head touch your feet. Keep yourself in this pose for few seconds.

Crossing Your Legs In a Bending Position
It is true that as long as your brain is getting oxygen supply, you will remain alive. Same is the case with your lungs. Proper supply and amount of oxygen should be present in your legs. For this, you can follow a simple yoga pose, cross over your legs in a bending position, keep your back and posture straight and inhale and exhale for few seconds.

Yoga Exercise to Stay Away from Mental Illness
Take two of the floor cushions and sit back yourself at the wall side. Cross your legs and your neck and back should be in the straight and same direction. Plus cotton buds in your ears, close your ears and concentrate only. Some light should enter into your home and no disturbance should be there. This pose will minimize all mental illness signs which are currently surrounding your life.

This is how females can do simple yoga poses and exercises at their homes.

Best Yoga Exercises For Females-Tips in Urdu & English

Best Yoga Exercises For Females-Tips in Urdu & English


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