All About Epilepsy in Urdu & English-Signs, Prevention, Causes & Treatment

Complete Health Guide on Epilepsy, Its Symptoms, Causes, Precautions & Treatment
This epilepsy is one of the dangerous chronic disorders. This disorder can cause some of the unprovoked and recurrent seizures. Note that this seizure comes in the form of a sudden rush. Electrical activities takes place in your brain. There are basically two kinds of seizures. One of the generalized seizure and this type mainly affects your whole brain. Then we have partial seizures or you can give it the name of focal seizures. This seizure type affect just a single portion of your brain. If you are being affected with mild seizure then it will become difficult for the people to recognize this disorder in you. It is these string seizures which can mainly cause uncontrollable kind of muscle twitches in your body. These twitches last for about several minutes.

Signs of Epilepsy
You might get a high fever, head trauma. Or you will get and experience low blood sugar levels. These signs and symptoms differ from one person to another person. In focal seizures, you will notice alteration and change in your sense of taste and sense of smell. You will feel dizziness and also twitching of limbs.

When it comes to complex partial seizures, then you will feel loss of awareness, you will be staring blankly and you will feel a lot of unresponsiveness in your body. Talking about generalized seizures, you will do repetitive movements like that of blinking or lip smacking.

Causes of Epilepsy
If you have been into traumatic brain injuries or you have been into serious illness then epilepsy will attack on you.

Those who get a high fever, stroke, these are also one of the leading causes of this issue. If you have any other vascular diseases, or your brain does not get enough supply of oxygen, if you have brain tumor, then you will get these attacks. Moreover. if there is a cyst in your brain, if you have dementia or you are the patient of Alzheimer’s diseases, then you will be attacked with this life threatening disorder.

Treatment of Epilepsy
There are many treatment options to cure this disease. It depends on the severity level of your disease and on the basis of it, you will be given a treatment. By taking anti seizure drugs, you can bring improvement in this condition of yours. These drugs can eliminate your seizures conditions in a great way.

Doctors place a device under your skin chest and this device bring electrical stimulation to your nerves. This device successfully removes seizure attacks from your body.

The last option which is available for you is to go for brain surgery. The surgery is done on that section of the brain which usually causes these seizure activities.

We have seen that now more researches are conducted so that more effective treatment on epilepsy can be introduced. If some advancements in its treatment area will be conducted, we will let you know. This is a curable condition, never ignore it and treat it as early as possible.

All About Epilepsy in Urdu & English- Signs, Prevention, Causes & Treatment

All About Epilepsy in Urdu & English Signs, Preventions, Causes & Treatment


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