Health Tips About Baby Fever in Urdu & English

All About Fever in Children (Urdu-English)
Fever is not a disease, in fact this is a sign that your body is fighting with some infectious disease. Especially in children, we see the presence of this health condition. Here you will know some of the misconceptions and fake beliefs which we hear about baby fever.

How to Take Care of Your Child During Fever?
If your child is having a fever then you should be putting on some light cloths on him. Avoid making him to wear extreme warm clothes, this will increase his body temperature and he might get more fever. On the other hand, if your child is feeling cold while he is in the baby fever mode, then you can put on a light blanket on him. Shivering is quite common in this condition, so better give a blanket to your child instead of putting on lots of layered clothes on him.

Increase Liquid Intake During Baby Fever
During baby fever type condition, you have to make sure that your kid drink a lot. It can be water or any fluid juices. This will improve his condition. This is a natural way to bring down your body temperature. You can have normal cold juices for yourself. In this way, your abnormal high body temperature figures will come on a balanced point.

Rub Your Child Body With Wet Cloth Only If It is Needed
When you notice that your child temperature is not going down and it is constantly high, then you can rub wet cloth on his body. This will relax him down and he shall feel normal after some time.

Misconceptions About Baby FeverĀ 
This is a misconception that one should totally rely on the thermometer figures while checking the baby fever. If your child overall health and face are looking alright and his fever is still high, then there is no need to worry. On the other side, if your kid is looking pale and his body temperature looks normal, then you have to take him to doctor.

This a fake myth that baby fever damages the brain of kids. It only happens in the situation when body temperature retains up to 44 degree centigrade.

This is another misconception that medicines made to control baby fever will always work. This is not true! You might have observed that even if you have given your child specific fever controlling medicines, still his fever and body temperature remains the high.

The last fake belief which we often hear about baby fever, it is that the use of antibiotics will always bring down your body temperature to a normal rate. It is not necessary that antibiotics will cure your shivering situation, this does not happen every time. So do not rely completely on using antibiotics whenever your child start to shiver because of baby fever.

If you have heard any other misconceptions, you can share that with the team of this web page. These are fake myths about this health condition which you have to remove from your minds. Cure and treat baby fever in the way it should be!

Health Tips About Baby Fever in Urdu & English

Health Tips About Baby Fever in Urdu & English

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