All About Laser Treatment & Laser Hair Removal in Urdu & English

Health Guide & Tips on Laser Treatment & Laser Hair Removal
It was in the year of 1996 that this laser treatment technique was introduced for the first time. If you want to remove any of the spots from your face or you want to hide these blemish marks then it is suggested to go for the laser treatment. In the year 1997, American medical experts gave this treatment a proper, official and complete medical procedure. No matter you have a dark or a white complexion, the thing which matter is that you should have a healthy complexion. Many women have facial hairs on their skin, they have spots and blemishes on their faces. To get rid of these issues, laser is the proper technique which you can pursue. In Pakistan, we have seen the huge demand of this surgery as women opt for it because they want to remove unwanted facial hairs and spots.

Pros And Cons of Laser Treatment & Laser Hair Removal
It is through the laser light that damage cells are being removed. By this treatment, all your hair follicle cells are been eliminated as well. Many of the girls have this complete beard on their chin sections. That is why, this effective procedure is introduced so that girls can get rid from this issue at-least for some time.

On the other hand, this procedure comes with side effects too. Those women who go for laser surgery, they see a change in their natural complexion. You often get involved into hyper pigmentation and hypo-pigmentation issues if you will prefer this laser mode.

Few of the women gets irritation on their faces, their faces get swollen and they usually get red marks and spots on their faces too upon doing and opting for this laser surgery.

There is a possibility that you will get the bacterial infection if you will do this treatment on your face. Your skin might get burn because of the laser heat.

Your skin become sensitive to the sun rays if you will do this procedure on your face. So it is recommended to put sun screen on your face when you go out.

Duration And Other Facts on Laser Treatment & Laser Hair Removal
It is up to 10 to 12 sessions that this treatment gets completed. Just from a single needle,a single hair strand is extracted out. It is not possible that in two to three sessions, your treatment gets finished.
In Sindh assembly, a better initiative has taken place that only those professionals can do this laser treatment on the patients if you are a plastic surgeon or you are a skin specialist.

It is up the individual that whether she wants to do this surgery on her face or not. By doing so, you have to stay away from the sun rays for at least ten days.

Even you can remove your tattoo signs with this operation. You should only go for this medical procedure if you are in extreme need of it and if there is extreme hair growth on your face, otherwise there is no need to go for this harsh surgery on your face.
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All About Laser Treatment & Laser Hair Removal in Urdu & English

All About Laser Treatment & Laser Hair Removal in Urdu & English

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