Plastic Surgery Guide in Urdu & English

All About Plastic Surgery in English & Urdu Languages
Plastic surgery is a kind of surgical specialty which usually and mainly involves the restoration and reconstruction as well as alteration of the human body parts. There are different types of this surgical procedure and below you can have a look at the details of it.

Types of Plastic Surgery
The first important type of this plastic surgery, it is re-constructive surgery. This surgery mainly includes the operations of craniofacial surgery and hand surgery. This too includes microsurgery and if you want to do the treatment of your burns, then this surgical procedure has to be carried out. This surgery aims and target to reconstruct and re-modify the specific part and section of your body.

The next one type we have for you, it is called with the name of cosmetic surgery or you can call it with the name of aesthetic surgery. This specific surgical operation type aims at enhancing and improving your appearance.

Moving to the burn surgery type, this surgical operation modes takes place and gets completed in total two phases. We have these two modes to be divided and classified in acute burn surgery phase and then we have re-constructive burn surgery phase. This acute burn surgery takes place immediately right after a burn and re-constructive burn surgery usually takes place right and just after the burn wounds have been treated, cured and healed.

More Facts on Plastic Surgery
These days, we are seeing the high demand of craniofacial surgery and thus surgical mode is mainly divided and purely classified into pediatric and adult craniofacial surgery mode options. This pediatric craniofacial surgery revolves and links with the treatment of congenital anomalies attached to the sections of craniofacial skeleton and also soft tissues which are part of your cleft lip and palate. Then we have adult craniofacial surgery and it deals and treat the fractures and too secondary surgeries.

If one is going with the option of hand surgery, then such a surgery is mainly and primarily concerned and be totally linked with the acute injuries and too handling of chronic diseases related to hand and wrist. This hand surgery has come out to be an important part of training phase for all plastic surgeons.

The phase of microsurgery is generally and mainly concerned with the overall reconstruction and re-modification of missing tissues. Popular sub-specialty sections and areas of this surgery type are breast reconstruction and also head and neck reconstruction and too hand surgery/re-plantation as well as brachial plexus surgery.

Techniques Involved in Plastic Surgery Operations
The transfer of skin tissue, it is one of the common procedures which are involved in the plastic surgery operations. These skin tissues comes in the form of autografts, allografts and xenografts. Autografts tissues are mainly taken from the side of recipient. Then allografts tissues are taken from the side of a donor having same kind of species.

This is all basic knowledge on plastic surgery, let us know what more you want to ask on these plastic surgical operations!

Plastic Surgery Guide in Urdu & English

Plastic Surgery Guide in Urdu & English

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