All About Nipah Virus Infection, Signs, Preventions & Treatment (Urdu-English)

Read Complete Health Guide on Nipah Virus Infection, Symptoms, Causes, Precautions & TreatmentĀ 
Here we have all complete information on this nipah virus infection, you should know that this is one of the most dangerous form of virus which is usually transmitted from animals right to human beings. It is one of the emerging in form zoonotic pathogen virus types. It was in year 1998 that this virus was detected for the first time in Malaysia. One of the intermediate hosts of this virus are pigs and the natural hosts of this specific and mentioned virus are these fruit bats. It happened in 2004 year when the people of Bangladesh consumed some of the contaminated fruits and then this virus was injected into them. This virus is usually spread when you are going to have a close contact with the infected human excretions and secretions. If you are going to eat their partially eaten foods and fruits then this virus will enter into your body.

Signs of Nipah Virus Infection
It is normally seen that this nipah virus gets enter into the human body without showing any of the major and important symptoms. On the other hand, it is quite important for the people to notice these influenza kind of symptoms in themselves. If they are having a fever or if they are getting a sore throat, if you are having a headache or if you are vomiting then it is the sign that you are getting nipah virus infection.

If you are feeling muscle pain, then it is also one of the common signs of this virus. You will get an acute in form respiratory infection and then this virus slowly make a progress to reach to its severe form. You will also feel an interference right in your breathing area.

Prevention of Nipah Virus Infection
You can prevent this nipah virus infection as well, you need to avoid this physical contact right with the infected bunch of individuals as much as you can. You should be wearing masks and these grade face masks. Your hands should not be dirty and you have to wash them on the regular basis.

You should not be eating or consuming any of the partly eaten fruits from the infected people. You should not ever and ever drink these unpasteurized fruit juices. It is important for you to stay away of these animal pens and cages as much as you can! If you want to drink the date palm juice then you have to boil it first of all. Do not consume and drink this date palm juice if it is not boiled beforehand.

Treatment of Nipah Virus Infection
Lastly we will talk about the treatment part of this nipah virus infection. So far no vaccine is introduced to treat this virus, on the other hand, the patient is given intensive and supportive care. You have to go for the primary treatment so that you might not get enter into these respiratory complications and problems. Homeopathy treats the persons not the diseases so consult us for treatment of all viral and bacterial diseases including Niphah virus infection.

All About Nipah Virus Infection, Signs, Preventions & Treatment (Urdu-English)

All About Nipah Virus Infection, Signs, Preventions & Treatment (Urdu-English)

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