Thalassaemia, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment (Urdu-English)

Health Guide in Urdu & English About Thalassaemia, Signs, Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment
Note that this thalassaemia is one of the inherited in form blood disorders and your body hemoglobin turns out to be in an abnormal form. Here on this page we will have a complete discussion on this issue. For the information, this hemoglobin is actually the protein molecule and your red blood cells carries the sufficient amount of oxygen so that it can be delivered to your body parts. In this health issue, your red blood cells start to have their destruction phase and then this situation leads you to have anemia. This anemia is a kind of condition when your body fails to have sufficient and desired number of red blood cells. This thalassaemia is an inherited disease and it is caused by the genetic mutation. This health issue comes in the two major and important forms and they are alpha thalassaemia and beta thalassaemia.

Thalassaemia Symptoms
The symptoms of this health issue, it varies from one person to another person. You will get to have bone deformities, on your face, there will be a bone deformation. You will get dark amount of urine and there will be delayed amount of growth as well as development in your body. You will feel excessive fatigue and too tiredness and your skin color will get pale or yellow.

Causes of Thalassaemia
Whenever there will be a mutation of genes or if there will be an abnormality in your genes then this issue of thalassaemia will cause and occur. This genetic defect is inherited by you right from your parents.

Diagnosis of Thalassaemia
It is through the blood sample that thalassaemia is being diagnosed in your body. First your blood samples will be send to the laboratory so that you can be tested whether you are having anemia or not. The lab person will also look at the shape of your red blood cells with the help of a microscope, if your RBCs are in odd shape then there are high chances that you will get thalassaemia.

Treatment of Thalassaemia
You can follow this below mentioned treatment:

Prenatal testing: You need to do the prenatal testing, you can do this chorionic villus sampling, this is the test which is usually been carried out around the 11th week and span of pregnancy. In this way, you will know that whether your baby born to be has this issue or not!

Amniocentesis Test: You can carry out this test as well, this is done at the 16th week of pregnancy and the sample is taken from the fluid which surrounds your baby fetus.

In order to treat this mild thalassemia and severe in form beta-thalassemia, you need to carry out the process of blood transfusions. This treatment can too cause the issue of iron overloading. So at the same time you need to remove the excess iron amount of yours.

You can go for the oral medication which is named as deferasirox, it will help you to remove the excess amount of iron.

As thalassaemia is an inherited disease so do the test before you get married. Sundas Foundation is best center for free treatment of thalassaemia in Pakistan. Kindly help this center to help the poor patients of thalassaemia. Homeopathy may also help the Thalassaemia patients, for details kindly contact us.

Thalassaemia, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment (Urdu-English)

Thalassaemia, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment (Urdu-English)

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