Amazing Health Benefits of Cloves (Long) in Urdu & English Languages

All About Uses & Surprising Health Benefits of Cloves or Long in Urdu & English
A clove or you can call it with the name of long, it has lots of calories, carbohydrates, proteins, sodium, potassium, vitamins, minerals in it. Here you will check out the most important health benefits which are given by this long ingredient. So check out the details:

Health Benefits of Cloves (Long)
If you do have tooth problems, then it will be best for you to start using this ingredient. You can rub this item on your teeth, you can make a drink of it and then your tooth problem will be gone,

Your body temperature remains balanced if you will consume this item on a regular basis. If you have headache then use cloves and mix it with milk, apply this paste on your forehead slowly and gradually. You will notice after sometime that your headache is gone.

If any one of you do have cough problem, sore throat problem, then this is the best ingredient to heal and cure these problems of yours.
If you are asthmatic, then have six cloves long, boil them in a glass of water, add one tea spoon of honey and have this drink three times in a day.

Your brain gets energy if you will eat clove. On the other hand, flue problem is solved and cured with the help of consumption of long item.

If your gums bleed, then chew cloves on a regular basis.
If you have stomach pain, then use this great ingredient. Just drink a few of the drops of clove oil and see the results.

Health Benefits of Clove Oil
This oil comprises antiseptic properties in it. If the person has a tooth pain, tooth infection, then you can use this oil. It used in perfume making process and also in the making of bath salt. Have cloves oil to be mixed with honey and garlic and simply treat and cure your cough problem.

This oil is great for your joints problem too. It is great for your skin, your skin will get clear and pinkish. Simply massage this oil on your face, you will notice and see surprising changes in your skin tone and face complexion.

If you have ear pain, then heat up a single tea spoon of this clove long oil and have it in your ear. Your ear pain will cured right away. This is a proven and tested remedy and you will see noticeable results once you are going to follow this remedy the minute you feel pain or numbness in your ears.

This is how you can receive lots of benefits from this clove long. You can remain connected with us and we will convey you more of the medical related benefits of this cloves ingredient. Use it in your dishes and meals, use it on your face, forehead, on your teeth and gums. It is an all rounder and contains amazing healing traits and properties in it. Now read the health benefits of cloves in Urdu language.

Amazing Health Benefits of Cloves (Long) in Urdu & English Languages

Amazing Health Benefits of Cloves (Long) in Urdu & English Languages

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