Audiology is  Latin word which is basically a branch of science which deals with he study of hearing, balance, and related disorders etc. Professionals or people who practice and master the skills of Audiology are called Audiologists. Their specialty is hearing loss and perform various types of tests related to hearing disorders and ear related diseases. Ears are very sensitive part of any living being, audiologists provide different valuable services like  electrophysiologic tests to find out whether someone is able to hear properly with their ears     within the normal range. If the ears cannot hear within the proper range, then there must be some problem with the ears.

Ears have different frequencies on which they hear sounds and voices around a living being. Hearing loss is not a normal condition and need proper medical assistance from ear specialists and audiologists.

Responsibilities of Audiologist

Audiologists identify, diagnose and treat the various ear-related health problems by examining the little portions of the ears. Many patients are recommended by them to use the hearing aids, the hear loss in infants is very popular in the third world countries, it is the responsibility of audiologist to design and implement the strategy to help the patients get their hearing power back with the help of latest technological tools and hearing aids.


Qualifications of Audiologists

Audiologists are not ordinary people, they are highly knowledgable and vastly qualified specialists. They must possess the knowledge of physiology, acoustics, and neurology that are closely related to the hearing capabilities of human beings. An audiologist is a graduate from a medical institute or can possess a Bachelors, Master or Ph.D. Degrees. There are different requirements for becoming an Audiologist in different countries like United States, Australia, United Kingdom and Germany. For example, if someone does not hold a master degree in Audiology, then they are not eligible to practice as audiologists. In Canada, the minimum qualification for becoming an audiologist is Msc degree also. In India, the professionals who want to become audiologists must possess a master or at least a bachelor degree. Audiology has greater scope in different countries.

Responsibilities of Audiologist

An audiologist is different from a radiologist or a pathologist. They help people to connect to the external world again by recovering their hearing ability. They have a certain knowledge, great skills, attributes and responsibilities to perform in any healthcare organization. They have to follow the strict and professional ethics during their jobs. The responsibility of person’s hearing loss lies on them otherwise. They cannot afford to be careless of unqualified.

Similarly, integrity is a key value for an audiologist who is responsible for practicing the laws of science on their patient;s ears. They must be able to communicate very well with all kinds of patients and colleagues, they must possess genuine compassionate feelings for their patients. Their duty is to solve the problem of hearing and encourage the patient to take care of their ears in a proper way. Also, they act as the patient counselors and show them how to manage their ear problems efficiently in order to avoid any hearing loss.


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