A living body is a mystery and it contains countless wonders and treasures hidden inside it. Anatomy is a branch of Biology that explains each and  everything  about the human body. It defines the structure of different parts of the body in different organisms and is closely related to the other branches of medical science and Biologies like embryology and Phylogeny. It defines the physical structure of various creatures in the world and a professional who is an expert in the study of Anatomy is called an Anatomist. The body is made of many different parts like bones and skeleton, tissues, veins and organs like heart, brain and eyes. Anatomy can explain each part with full detail and show how it works during the lifetime of a living being.

What Anatomy Explains

The composition of body is completely described by Anatomy. Anyone who is interested in learning what is a living body can learn Anatomy. It is a compulsory subject in the first year of medical studies around the world in all the medical colleges. The relationship of various parts of the body and how they function is a complex and sophisticated mechanism. When one part of the body malfunctions, another part goes down too. Thousands of chemical reactions and processes occur inside the bodies of humans and animals, Anatomy explains it all.


Branches of Anatomy

Anatomy studies is subdivided into various branches. There is macroscopic anatomy and microscopic anatomy. As the names suggest, the macroscopic anatomy can explain the study of body structures that are visible to the naked human eye. On the other hand, the microscopic anatomy deals with the structures of the body that are not visible through a naked human eye and they have to be seen through the help of a microscope. Histology is a part of the microscopic anatomy and superficial anatomy is a part of the macroscopic anatomy. When the goal is to gain as much information about the organs of the body and how they are related to each other, anatomy must be studied carefully.

Anatomy For Different Species

Anatomy of different species of living beings and organisms is different. For example, fish anatomy , vertebrate anatomy, and human anatomy have different structures and relationships among the body parts. Frogs fall into the famous category of amphibians, it is the structure that is very popular among the medical students for dissection and exploration. In the same way, the anatomy of reptiles is very different from humans like snakes, lizards, and turtles. They have much stronger skeletons than the amphibians, but heart is just as normal as amphibians. When turtles hide under their shells, they cover themselves under the bony structure that is called a shell.

Similarly, snakes and lizards can open their mouths incredibly wide and they have pelvic spurs as explained by reptile anatomy. Birds have wings to fly which make them flying creatures, they are also called the front limbs and they also contain the hind limbs. Human beings have a similar anatomy like the mammals have. They breast feed their children, they walk on legs and feet medical science is finding more ways to treat diseases in human body.The human body can be explained by the help of biology and biochemistry.

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