Biotechnology and Its Scope in Pakistan

Biotechnology is the use of living systems and organisms to develop or make products, or “any technological application that uses biological systems. The real purpose of this science is to develop and modify the products for any specific purpose using the tools and applications. Biotechnology is overlapping term with terms like molecular engineering or the biomanufacturing.  There are many uses of biotechnology in world for the benefit of mankind.

Uses and Benefits of Biotechnology

Biotechnology is an immensely useful technology of modern science that has been serving mankind for a thousands of years. In the fields of production, medicine, food and agriculture, this knowledge has been used extensively to produce something better everyday. In the 20th and 21st centuries, the knowledge of biotechnology was increased with the all new researches and inventions, the biotechnology is being used for making countless pharmaceutical products and doing diagnostic tests in the laboratories.

There are wide range of procedure involved in the study of biotechnology, in the modern days, this is used in genetic engineering extensively and according to the American Chemical Society, biotechnology is defined as the science of life and living organisms. It benefits industries as well as livestock and agriculture sector. When the study of natural sciences is integrated with the knowledge of organisms and cells, incredibly sophisticated methods are developed to help the life sciences and the industry worldwide.

The application of biotechnology in the healthcare sector is immense. To boost the food and crops, manufacturing of organic products like beer and milk is an example of how biotechnology is so vital. Bioinformatics is a field of Biotechnology that addresses the biological problems and makes possible to analyse the biological data wih modern techniques to solve various problems.


There is a huge application of biotechnology in the field of medicine as well in Pakistan and aboard. Biotechnology makes it possible for scientists to perform the genetic testing and screening easily. Drugs are manufactured only with the help of biotechnology in the companies where the latest technology is used. Thousands of square miles of agricultural lands depends on the biotechnology as well.

Career of Biotechnology in Pakistan

In the light of the above discussion, the biotechnology is used in Pakistan in all the sectors like agriculture, industry, environment, production, health and pharmaceutical. Universities offer BS degrees in Biotechnology in Pakistan to enable students play their important role towards the advancement of society. The Islamia University Of Bahawalpur Bahawalpur is the well know place where you get can a BS degree in Biotechnology in Pakistan. There are more universities like the Superior University Lahore and The University of Lahore which offer BS degrees in the biotechnology to the young and brilliant students who want to start a rewarding career in the industry. The       University of Punjab is also a renowned place to complete a bachelor Degree in Biotechnology in Pakistan in 4 years time/ So there is no problem for the students for obtaining a higher education in this field and learn latest skills to apply them in the local industry. There are many jobs for the brilliant and skillful students.

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