Biochemistry, its study and Scope

Biochemistry, sometimes called biological chemistry, is the study of chemical processes within and relating to living organisms. The study of flow of chemical signals and the flow of chemical energy to explain the process of life and living is biochemistry. The main subject  that biochemistry focus on today is the biological molecules and the function of these molecules. To understand the behavior of differnt tissues, cells and organs inside the body is closely related to Biochemistry. Biochemistry is also closely related to another branch of science that is known as molecular biology.

Biochemistry is a vast subject which is related to many other subject and branches of modern chemical science. The formation of DNA and the genetics is also related to biochemistry,biochemistry can be used as a useful knowledge to explore the knowledge of molecular biology. All the functions that are related to the lives of human being and are associated to the molecules and ions are explained with the help of biochemistry.

biocheistry-explainedUsefulness of Biochemistry

Biochemistry has many uses in the modern life. This subject is of immense important and holds a vital place in the development of society. In the study of nutrition, the biochemistry plays an imporan role, the causes of diseases are investigated by the biochemists and they find cures for diseases with the help of this knowlege. Also the nutrition experts use biochemistry as we useful weapon to investigate the reasons for nutritional deficiencies and help people maintain their health on large scale. Certified Nutrition experts have much deeper knowledge of biochemistry and the ingredients that are useful for health.

Biochemistry is also very beneficial in the fertilizer industry and agriculture. The field of agriculture is benefiting a lot from the biochemistry knowledge these days, soil and fertilizers are being analyzed properly by the modern techniques of biochemists in the industry, therefore it is not only helping improve the standards of cultivation and crops but also helping maintain a good crop storage and pest control in the fields.

The history of Biochemistry is quite old, the components and organs of living beings are being investigated for a thousands of years. The modern biochemistry helps students and scientists to better understand the working of enzymes and molecular biology. The human body is mostly made of cells and tissues, the most common elements that are found in the cells are hyrdogen , carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, calcium and phosphorus. Biomolecules form the human body and they are an integral and vital part of biochemistry.

Scope of Biochemistry

In Pakistan, the subject of biochemistry is very popular and students take keen interest in learning the latest knowledge and techniques of biochemistry. In small and big cities, there are universities which offer a professionally recognized degree in biochemistry.. In Pakistan, BS Honors , BS and BSC degrees are offered in many univeristies in Biochemistry. Some of those universities are  King College Of Health Sciences Bahawalpur, Chakwal, Government College Women University,  Quaid-e-azam University Islamabad, Jinnah University For Women Karachi, University Of Karachi, Shah Abdul Latif University Kharipur, and Kohat University Of Science & Technology.

The career prospects are bright and very good for the bright and hard working students.The students can also obtain a master or Phd degree from aboard if they wish to


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