Birthstones by Month – What is My Birthstone? Urdu & English Guide

All About Birthstones by Month, What is Your Birthstone or Luck Stone? Urdu & English Guide
Do you want to grab the most interesting and exciting details that which stone is reserved for which birth month, here are the most correct facts for you. Many people, they are die hard believers when we talk about the hidden myths of birthstones, they have a firm and complete believe on these stones. If that person business is getting high, then he usually believe that it is all happening of this birthstone. And if his business goes down, then he mainly perceive that he is not wearing this stone, that is why he is facing a loss. So how true these myths are, let us check out that! Here are the birthstones details by month, let us know how far these characteristics are actually true:

Birthstones By Month

January: Garnet stone can bring out and create the element of self confidence in yourself. If your relationship line is going down, if your business is facing a huge lose, then this garnet stone can help you minutely.

February: Amethyst stone is there to help out the people who do not have any confidence in their personalities. For the hopeless minded individuals, those who fail to see the bright side of life, this stone encourage them to become hopeful in their lives.

March: Bloodstone makes you the bravest person of all. An extremely competitive quality gets enter in the person only because of this stone. Those who often face and handle the health issues, you can deal with such troubles by wearing bloodstone.

April: Diamond can make your life all hopeful, full of energy and full of positivity too.

May: Emerald stone can make you a highly anger free person. If you does not have the fighting skills, then get back in the fighting and competition mode by wearing this exclusive birthstone.

June: White pearl brings good luck, you stay away from bad omens and black magic.

July: Ruby stone brings a large amount of fame, success in your lives.

August: Peridot is the birthstone of bravery, the wearer of this stone can face any tough time and hard phases because of this stone.

September: Blue Sapphire brings out wealth, it brings good luck and positive approach in your lives.

October: Opal stone can repair your married life. If you think that your marital status is in trouble then wear this stone. If health issues often attack on you, the wear this stone usually.

November: Yellow Sapphire improves and boost the status of your mental power. This stone is great for those married couples who could not conceive.

December: Turquoise gemstone handover you mental satisfaction, peace, calm and happiness in your lives. You see a change in your patience level, you does not remain impatient and remain cool always.

Are you going to start wearing a birthstone after reading these details and facts, let us know! Go with your birthstone always and share your results and experience which you will notice in your life. Here below we have given the details in Urdu language about birthstones by month.

Birthstones by Month – What is My Birthstone? Urdu & English Guide

Birthstones by Month - What is My Birthstone? Urdu & English Guide


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