Breast Cancer Symptoms, Causes, Precautions & Treatment (Urdu & English)

Breast Cancer Introduction, Symptoms, Causes, Prevention Measures & Treatment (Urdu & English Guide)
For the information, breast cancer awareness month is October and this is an important fact for all of the readers that worldwide 2.1 million women gets affected with this breast cancer issue on a yearly basis. In Pakistan, 36.8% women are targeted with the breast cancer issue in every single year and every 9th women is the victim of this health issue. Let us check out the complete symptoms, causes and ways to prevent this issue:

Symptoms of Breast Cancer
You will notice a breast lump or you will notice and feel a thickening around the breast part of yours. Your breast size and shape as well as its appearance will get change. You will see some of the changes on the skin which is surrounding your breast part. If there is an appearance of new inverted nipple, then note that breast cancer shall enter into your body. You will notice some peeling, scaling and crusting or it can be flaking surrounding your nipple. As soon as you notice a lump or you feel a change right in your breast, then you have to consult a doctor.

Causes of Having a Breast Cancer
When your breast cells start to grow in an abnormal way then it is one of the primary causes that you might get breast cancer. These cells start to divide with a fast speed and they continue to gather and accumulate and create a lump or you can say mass. It is in the glandular tissue which is also called with the name of lobules that breast cancer enter most of the time. It is also because of the hormonal factors and lifestyle factors and it is too because of the environmental factors that the chance to get a breast cancer is increased.

Prevention Measures
You should be taking a healthy diet, walk and exercise, do control your weight, stop smoking, take your medicines on time, do tests beforehand- these are the simple and precautionary measures which can keep you safe from this health issue.

Do opt for the breast cancer screening strategies, you can go through and pass yourself with this breast self-exam so that you can get aware more about this issue. You should inspect your breasts on your own and see if any change is appearing in them. If you see and notice any change, run to the doctor right away.

You should no drink alcohol, you have to limit the consumption of alcohol. Do exercise on the regular days, just make this aim that you will do simple walking for at least 30 minutes.

Most of the women, they experience these bothersome signs as well as symptoms during the phase of menopause. You need to relieve and decrease the menopause symptoms so that the chances to get breast cancer gets decreased as well. In the first stage of breast cancer homeopathy can also help you. Some precautionary medicines are also available for those females who have this disease in their family history. For details contact us.

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Breast Cancer Symptoms, Causes, Precautions & Treatment (Urdu & English)

Breast Cancer Symptoms, Causes, Precautions & Treatment (Urdu & English)

Breast Cancer Symptoms, Causes, Precautions & Treatment (Urdu & English)

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