Pros & Cons of Spinal Anesthesia During Delivery Operation (Urdu-English)

Advantages & Disadvantages of Spinal Anesthesia During Pregnancy Operation (Urdu-English Guide)
The term of spinal anesthesia, it is also referred to as spinal blocks. On this page, we will tell you about the pros and cons of spinal anesthesia during the time of pregnancy. These spinal blocks or you can say spinals they are the kind of pain relief injections which are made for the women who are pregnant and those who have reached the delivery and labor time. If the pregnant mother has to go through the C-section phase, if she has to pass these forecep deliveries or ventouse deliveries, then these spinal blocks are used. From these details, you will know that whether these spinal anesthesia injections are effective or not and what are their pros and cons:

All About Spinal Anesthesia
These spinal blocks are injections, the are injected right in the lower back or near the spine of pregnant women. These injections numbs the pain which is present in the lower half of your body part or near to the spine area of yours. These injections, they are faster and quick to proceed and administer as compared to the use of epidural.

Pros of Spinal Anesthesia During Delivery Operation 
These spinal anesthesia injections, they are used in the pushing stages of labor pain, that is why their use is effective during this phase. When the use of epidural cannot be availed and utilized, then these injections are used.

It is for the emergency situations that these injections are used on the pregnant women. Like if opting for the C-section or the doctor wants to proceed with the forecep birth procedure, then these injections are specifically used.

This is a pain relief injection and to those pregnant women who cannot tolerate pain, these injections are made for them. It is faster acting when compared to the epidurals. Just a single injection is enough and this spinal anesthesia will not affect the state and situation of your mind.

Cons of Spinal Anesthesia During Pregnancy Operation 
Then we have cons details for you, it is due to the use of these injections that your body will become deficient of calcium and other important vitamins.

The mother who has recently given birth to a baby, upon injecting this injection and delivering a baby, she will become irritating and there are chances that she will become the victim of lactating mother syndrome. To tackle this situation, you have to take multi vitamins, calcium supplements and vitamin D supplements.

You will feel numbness in your legs, your mobility part will become limited. There might be some side effects which will be experienced by you upon using these spinal anesthesia injections and they are itching and shivering as well as nausea and difficulties when you want to urinate. You will often get headache.

Now it is up to the choice of pregnant mothers that whether they want to go for epidurals or they want to inject these injections for their delivery process.

Pros & Cons of Spinal Anesthesia During Delivery Operation (Urdu-English)

Pros & Cons of Spinal Anesthesia During Delivery Operation (Urdu-English)


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