Career Counseling-Comparison Between Medical & Engineering Fields

Career Counseling Based Comparison About Scope of Medicine & Engineering Fields
These medical and engineering field lines, both have their ow enriching career and growth scope. If you fall in the confusion zone that which field should be opted, whether it should be medical field or engineering field then we can guide and help you. Both of them are the sub fields of science field and they are one of the great professional choices among all the students. They are the best and great career options for you after you have finished your graduation studies. In Pakistan, we have seen that students have to select in between these two field from their matriculation class level. Like from your 9th class, you have to clearly decide that whether you will study the subjects of engineering or you want to study these medical subjects.


Career & Scope

Career Counseling-Comparison Between Medical & Engineering Fields

How to Choose Between Medical & Engineering Fields?
If you think that you are great in the subjects of physics and mathematics then you need to select this engineering field for yourself. On the other hand, if you are great in studying subject like that of biology and chemistry then you should become the part of medical field line. You have to score quite great marks in these field lines, if you get less marks in your matriculation and inter exams then there are less chances that you will enrolled in the top engineering and medical universities.

Other Options Apart from Doing MBBS, BDS
Those who really want to remain attached with the medical field and they fail to become the part of MBBS, BDS programs then there are other options for you in which you can prove yourself. You can do your pharmacy studies, you can be in the BHMS program or enroll in the BEMS program. There are hence wide options open for the medical students. Not all of you can enroll in the BDS and MBBS programs, these programs need more than 85% marks in your matric and inter exams. So that is why these alternative options are opened for you.

Other Options for Engineering Field Students
Engineering students do have plenty number of options in their hands, as we have diversified number of engineering sub fields like chemical and mechanical engineering, civil and industrial engineering, architectural and textile engineering. These students can also do their DAE studies, they can opt any of the engineering routes which is great for them.

In many of the Central Asian countries, then in Russia and China, Pakistani students are welcome to do their engineering and medical studies on less fees. Both are high paying fields and offer you a great scope. Just the hard work is needed for the survival in these science field lines, day and night hard work and lot of effort is needed. You can keep connected with us and more detailed comparison on both of these science fields will be shared.

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