Career in Psychology Field, Degrees, Branches, Job Options (Urdu-English)

Career & Scope of Psychology Field in Pakistan, Degrees, Branches, Job Prospects, Opportunities & Tips (Urdu-English)
One can take years and years to explore this field line of psychology. This field possess an enriching scope in it. Only serious can work for this field as it is a sensitive field as well. As you will deal with the individuals who have mental disorders, emotional problems, that is why a lot of research and patience is needed to give your 100% in this profession.

Psychology Field Line Branches
Experimental psychology, applied psychology.
Comparative psychology, educational psychology.
Animal psychology.
Criminal and social psychology.
Child and theoretical psychology.

Scope for a Psychology Profession
There are many options for psychologists to give their input and contribution in this field. The option to become a clinical and counseling psychologist, child psychologist is here for you. You can become a geropsychologist, behavioral psychologists or a behavioral health counselor. The option to become an industrial-organizational psychologist is great as well.

Working as industrial organizational psychologist, you will be tackling with the workplace issues. You will look out for the ways of increasing and boosting worker productivity. You will be given the task as how best and suitable employees can be selected.

Job Options for Psychologists- Great Scope And Value
The demand of neuro-psychologist is high. These neuro-psychologists have to specialize in the areas of brain and also cognitive science. You will be performing cognitive tests. You will be running the brain scans. Your duty will be to assess people who are suffering from any of the brain injuries.

These psychologists, they are of great demand in the colleges and universities. They are highly demanded by the hospitals, research centers and also by the mental health clinics, and too by the pharmaceutical labs.

Opportunities for Psychologists
You can work as engineering psychologist. These psychologists have to improve the design systems and operations so that efficiency and productivity can be increased. They mainly work right in the private sector.

The clinical psychologists prevent mental illnesses. They work in the multiple number of settings, like you can have option to work in the hospitals, mental health clinics. The demand of counseling psychologists, it is getting higher also. These professionals offer psychotherapy and too mental health treatment. Then we have forensic psychologist professionals. They deal with the psychological issues which are attached to law. They develop the psychological profiles for the criminals and they deal with the child custody issues.

Degree Programs Part of Psychology Line
Choose the option to be in the 2 years associate degree program of psychology.

Be in the 4 years bachelor degree program of psychology.

You can be in the 2 years masters degree program of psychology.

Choose the option to be in the 5 years PHD degree program of psychology.

Now you have got all the enough ideas that what scope, value, worth and career opportunities you will get working for this psychology field. So a great and extremely worthy discipline info is given to the readers. If you are serving as a psychologist, then share your views.

Scope of Studying Psychology, Duties, Career, Required Skills, Jobs

Career in Psychology Field, Degrees, Branches, Job Options (Urdu-English)

Career in Psychology Field, Degrees, Branches, Job Options (Urdu-English)

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