Chronic Cold & Flu (Influenza) Symptoms, Precautions, Treatment (Urdu-English)

All About Constant Cold & Flu (Influenza) Symptoms, Preventions, Causes, Treatment (Urdu-English)
Do you know that this chronic cold and flu which is also named as influenza, it is viral infection and it directly attack right on your respiratory system, it is true! Note that the influenza and all of is related complications, they can turn out to be deadly if you will not go for a treatment. It is among the young children who are aged between 2 to 5 years and those who are adult like aged above 65, they are targeted with this chronic cold and flu issue.

Chornic Cold & Flu (Influenza) Symptoms
You will get a fever over 100.4 F, then you will have aching muscles. You will get chills and too sweats. You will often get headache and persistent amount of tough. This cough will be a dry cough and you will feel fatigue and regular amount of weakness. Then there will be a nasal congestion issue and problem of having a sore throat.

Causes of Constant Cold & Flu (Influenza)
It is because of the flu viruses that you get this health issue. If you will inhale these flu virus droplets, then these disease will attack on you. These germ droplets are then transferred to your eyes and nose or mouth. If you have weakened immune systems, if you ever had influenza right in the past, then your body might again become the victim.

Prevention from Chronic Cold & Flu (Influenza)
You need to wash your hands regularly, you have to do the frequent hand-washing and that too in an effective way. In this way, you will be able to prevent these common infections. You can make use of the alcohol-based kind of hand sanitizers if you ever feel soap and water are not available.

Whenever you cough and sneeze, then you have to cover your nose and mouth. You should not be contaminating your hands while your cough or sneeze and always have the tissue paper in your hands.

You should not be with that person who is already having a constant cold and flu! Avoid that company because this flu easily spread and transfer from one person to another person. You should avoid being in the crowds during the peak flu season, this step is going to reduce and decrease your chances of getting a common cold and flu infection.

It is also because of the seasonal influenza that young children as well as older adults are targeted more and more. You need to make your immune system stronger so that influenza may not attack you.

It is due to the chronic conditions, like we have asthma, diabetes and heart problems, these conditions increase the risk of getting influenza. So follow the above measures and keep yourself safe of getting a chronic cold and flu. You can even opt the home remedies and stay away of getting influenza by following the natural methods.

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Chronic Cold & Flu (Influenza) Symptoms, Precautions, Treatment (Urdu-English)

Chronic Cold & Flu (Influenza) Symptoms, Precautions, Treatment (Urdu-English)



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