Pneumonia Facts, Symptoms, Causes, Preventions & Treatment (Urdu-English)

What is Pneumonia? Facts, Symptoms, Causes, Precautions, Health Tips & Treatment (Urdu-English)
It is on the per year basis that around 71000 kids die in Pakistan because of having pneumonia. We have to become fully aware from this disease, here is the info for you on this fatal kind of health issue. We have collected rich and genuine facts for the readers:

What is Pneumonia?
Pneumonia is a kind of severe infection, it gets enter in one of the lungs or in both of the lungs. It is caused by viruses or bacteria, viruses, or because of fungi. It causes inflammation right in the air sacs which are present in your lungs.

Symptoms of Pneumonia
The person who has become the victim of this infection, he or she will often feel a pain in his chest. Whenever you will cough or breathe, you will feel this pain. Those people who are adults or age in between 65 years to 75 years, they will notice changes in their mental state of mind. You will get fever, feel a lot of fatigue.

Causes of Pneumonia
The causes of this fatal and infectious disease are many, it is due to fungi and because of the bacteria and viruses that pneumonia occurs. We have seen that bacterial pneumonia is quite common among the adults. By getting this disease and infection, you will feel an intense amount of inflammation in your air sac lungs. These alveoli of yours are filled up with fluid or with pus and it becomes difficult for you to breathe.

Prevention from Pneumonia
Make sure that you keep on feeding your child with the complimentary milk and mother milk, this will make him healthy and strong and he will remain safe from this disease.

You can give vitamin A supplements to your child.

Make sure that your home does not contain any traces of air pollution. The drainage system in your home has to be pollution free.

You have to let your child to pass the vaccination course.

You can keep the ARI timer with you, this device will help you to check the breathing status of your child. Do correctly use the antibiotics and you can have your child to pass the oxygen therapy phase.

Facts on Pneumonia
This is a deadly disease, it is intensely common and present in the kids who are less than 5 years old. Around 41 lakh people die because of this deadly disease. We have PCV-10 vaccine and Hib vaccine, they are quite great to cure this disease. This is a curable disease if you will do the treatment on time.

Unicef and the government of Pakistan, they have devised the program so that this disease incidents can be reduced. We have GAPPD program made for this cause.

If your child is from 2 months to 12 months old, then taking single tablet two times in a day is enough for him. If your child is from 12 months old to 3 years, then taking two tablets for two times are required. Now read all aboutĀ Pneumonia in Urdu language.

Pneumonia Facts, Symptoms, Causes, Preventions & Treatment (Urdu-English)


Pneumonia Facts, Symptoms, Causes, Preventions & Treatment (Urdu-English)

Pneumonia Facts, Symptoms, Causes, Preventions & Treatment (Urdu-English)


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