Constipation Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, Treatment & Tips (Urdu-English)

All About Constipation, Its Symptoms, Causes, Precautions, Complications, Treatment & Health Tips in Urdu & English Languages
Note that if you are facing the issue of having chronic constipation, then you will be getting infrequent and irregular bowel movements for weeks and weeks. We have seen that the issue of occasional constipation, it is quite common among the people. Let us have a look at the basic facts on constipation:


Symptoms Details
You will be passing fewer and less than 3 stools a week, you will be getting lumpy as well as hard stools. Then you will be straining to have these bowel movements. You will get a feel that there is a blockage right there in your rectum which is preventing these bowel movements.



Causes Details
This issue occurs when your stool start to move too much an extremely slowly. This problem happens when you fail to eliminate stool from your digestive tract. It is because of the blockages in your colon or in your rectum that constipation problem occur and happen. It is due to the anal fissure and bowel obstruction as well as because of the colon cancer that you will face this trouble.



Complications Involved Upon Having Constipation
You might be getting swollen veins right in your anus, the skin around your anus might get torn. Upon getting a hard stool, you can have tiny tears in your anus.



Prevention And Cure
If you want to avoid this chronic constipation, then you have to these preventive measures. In your diet, there should be much presence of high-fiber foods, you can have beans, vegetables and lots of fruits, whole grain cereals and also bran. You have toe at fewer number of those food items which have less fiber content in them. Like you should stay away from the processed foods, do not take dairy items and avoid the meat products as much as you can.
You have to drink plenty amount of fluids, make sure that you stay active and energetic and too alert as much as you can. You have to do the regular exercise, these measures will take you out from the issue and problem of constipation.



Normally those people who are stressed, then get and face the problem of constipation, the better and easy way is to manage your stress levels. Make sure to pass the stool on every single day, do not delay this stool passing out process and develop the urge to complete this process on every day.



You have to make a regular schedule and planning for bowel movements, like you can make this kind of schedule to pass out the stool once you have taken your meal.



So if any one of you is facing the issue of constipation, he or she can follow these measures and we are sure that he or she can easily come out and solve this health trouble. If we will get more home made remedies to cure constipation, we will update you. can also suggest you best homeopathic remedies for treatment of constipation. Keep in touch with us.


Constipation Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, Treatment & Tips (Urdu-English)


Constipation Symptoms, Causes, Preventions, Treatment & Tips (Urdu-English)

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