Dental Assistant

Dental assistants is a professional or skilled person who assist the dental operator s or in other words, help the dentists in any type of clinic or hospital. They are hired to provide their services to the dentists in order to achieve better results for the patients who come for the treatment of their teeth. The make the job of a dentist more efficient and easy. Some of their major tasks involve duties like sterilizing instruments, passing instruments during the procedure, holding suction devices, exposing dental radiographs, taking impressions, and fabricating provisional crowns.

The dental assistant provides the set of extra hands or some extra help needed by the dentists. They surely make their work smooth and let them concentrate on their major task and perform the side duties themselves. They are not as same as the dental hygienists, who are a bit superior in terms of knowledge and expertise from dental assistants.

Responsibilities and Duties

Dentists around the world treat millions of patients daily regarding tooth cavities , teeth removal, and root canal etc. They have to perform highly skillful operations in the mouth of a patient. The growing gum diseases and the improper tooth care is creating many problems for the patients in the modern time. Millions of adults and even children suffer from bad teeth health. Therefore the dentists are the busiest people on the planet today, they normally hire assistants to help themselves who are technically called the dental assistants.


As the dental assistant, a male or a female can join a private clinic or assist a dental surgeon in a large hospital. Their tasks a multiple which involve welcoming the patients in the clinic first and guiding them to a waiting place until their turn arrives. They must possess the knowledge of all the tools dental professionals use during their operations and they should be able to communicate well with the patients on any level or age. Patients undergo a procedure of getting their gums numb before the treatment, the information related to this is provided to them by the assistants. During an operation, the dental assistant provides various tools to the doctor, therefore they should know exactly what to provide as soon as the doctor needs anything.

The dentist rooms are subject to radiation sometimes, therefore in  order to keep the patients safe and sound, the dental assistant must clean the place of the operation in a very good manner.They also perform the duty of handling all the X-ray results of the patients and put them in a sequence in a proper file. They maintain a full and proper record of all the patients arriving for treatment, whenever needed, the dental assistance have to show that record to the patients. They also have to deal with the bills collection from the patient, they maintain the accounts book for the doctors and keep the record of expenses and profits as well.

A dental assistant must have all the guts and capabilities to perform their duties efficiently and diligently. They must have a sound working mind with hard-working character. A lazy or inefficient person is not eligible for this job.

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