MBBS: Its Scope and Career

MBBS is the first professional degree in medicine and surgery which are given to the successful students who pass all the requirements and examinations of medical college or school in those countries that follow the tradition of United Kingdom. In UK, the bachelor degree for medicine and surgery is also known as MBBS, as the name speaks, the degree contain two types of knowledge and expertise areas, one is medicine and the other one is surgery. These two disciplines are however not taught separately , these are taught together during the course of MBBS degree. The degree higher to this is MD which is called the doctor of medicine.

MBBS in Different Countries

In many countries including UK and Pakistan, this degree is awarded after the intensive and hard work study of 5 to 6 years of medicine and surgery in a medical institution. Chinese universities also demand six years of study for this degree. learning skills and study material required for doing MBBS is given at the public sector and private sector institutions who are recognized by the local bodies to award the MBBS degree. The students also have to do an internship before they can commence their career and practice their skills as medical practitioners in the market.

While first degrees in medicine typically meet the expectations of the descriptor for higher education qualification at “level 7 (the UK master’s degree)”, these degrees usually retain, for historical reasons, “Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery” and are abbreviated to MBChB or MBBS. The most famous and oldest universities to teach the MBBS courses in England are Oxford University and Cambridge University.

In African countries like Ghana and Guyana, this degree is also awarded but this is known as MBChB in Ghana. The university of Hong Kong provides extensive education for completing MBBS. Also in India, the Medical Council of India also provides the degrees of MBBS. If the minimum marks in the intermediate pre-medical are less than 50%, then this degree is hard to avail in India and Paksitan. In Republic of Ireland, University of Belfast is the oldest and popular choice for students to obtain their MBBS degree from.

In Pakistan, the colleges are referred as the medical colleges which teach and award the degree of MBBS, Pakistan has a large number of medical colleges, total of 94 medical colleges are operating in the country from which the number of public sector colleges is 39 and private secto colleges is 55. All the colleges and their information can be obtaind from the International Medical Education directory easily.


MBBS in Pakistan

The provincial department of health is responsible for regulating and handling the medical colleges in Pakistan. PMDC Pakistan Medical and Dental Council is however the central regrulatory authority, which provides rules and guidelines for the students for arriving at the merit. The pefomance of the students in their school and pre medical subjects is very important factor for getting admision in medical college. HSC grades must be higher and student must be very serious and committed to devote himself of herself to the study of Medical Science in Pakistan.

MBBS has a good and bright career path ahead, the graduates can start their own practice or go for higher specialization to the foreign countries. They can also do a house job.



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