All About Diabetes Mellitus in Urdu & English Languages, Tips

Diabetes Mellitus Types, Causes, Diagnosis, Health Tips, Preventions & Treatment (Urdu & English)
All and complete information about Diabetes Mellitus is mentioned for our readers. This diabetes is the condition when your body fail to produce the enough and sufficient amount of insulin. Do you know that insulin is very much important for your body, this is because of insulin that glucose reaches to your cells.

Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes Mellitus Types
We have type 1 diabetes and then we have type 2 diabetes, note that most of the people are affected with this type 2 diabetes. The former type occurs and happen when your pancreas fail to make the insulin in your body. You need to get treated yourself with these insulin injections. In the northern European countries, most of the people are target of type 1 diabetes.

And this type 2 diabetes, it happens when your body fail to make the proper use of insulin. This condition is mostly common in the Asian countries as well as in the African countries.

Diabetes Mellitus Causes
It is an autoimmune disorder when it comes to type 1 diabetes type and because of the insulin resistance issue, type 2 diabetes occur. Note that obesity is also one of the leading causes when it comes to this disease. If you are overweight then there are chances that you will be targeted by this disease.

If you are above than 40 years of age, if you have a high blood pressure, if you often get high cholesterol level, if you have this history of gestational diabetes then there are many chances that you will get this disease.

Symptoms of Diabetes
For the type 1 patients, you will feel excessively and quite thirsty, for most of the time, you will feel tired and you will experience weight loss. Moving to the symptoms of type 2 diabetes, you will be feeling mild amount of thirst levels, you will be urinating frequently.

How to Cure Diabetes Mellitus?
It is impossible to prevent this type 1 diabetes type, on the other hand, by making lifestyle changes, then you can prevent and cure this type 2. You have to make your diet quite healthy and you have to exercise a lot so that you can reduce your weight. Your blood sugar level has to be controlled, you can opt any of the herbal products upon the recommendation of the doctor.
For these type 1 diabetic patients, you will be in need of insulin on a continuous basis so that you can survive. Then for type 2 diabetic patients, exercise and go for the healthy and nutritious meals, maintain your weight and opt for healthy lifestyle changes.

This is all the medical linked information about the health issue of diabetes, on the regular basis, you should go for the medical checkup that whether your sugar level is controlled or not. This is a chronic health condition and treating it on time is very important for you. No matter you fall in the type 1 category or you fall in the type 2 category, precautionary measures are very important and essential for you. is here to help your for controlling Diabetes Mellitus. Contact us for prescribing best homeopathic medicines for controlling blood suger level.

All About Diabetes Mellitus in Urdu & English Languages, Tips

All About Diabetes Mellitus in Urdu & English Language 

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