Malaria Symptoms, Causes, Precautions & Treatment (Urdu-English)

Malaria Symptoms, Diagnosis, Causes, Complications, Preventions & Treatment in Urdu-English
It is because of the bite of these infected mosquitoes that we become the victim of this malaria disease. Here is the information that how can you deal with this disease and what are the possible measures to be treated from malaria. Check out all of the information, in this health issue, you experience a large number of chill attacks as well as fever. It is in the tropical sites and countries and it is also in the subtropical countries that this disease is quite common.

Symptoms of Malaria
You will get these shaking chills, then you will get high fever, you will experience sweating and the rest of the signs which are part of this malaria issue, they are headache and vomiting, you might get diarrhea.

Malaria Symptoms, Causes, Precautions & Treatment (Urdu-English)

Causes of Malaria
There are few of the causes that you get targeted by this health issue, it is because of the malaria transmission cycle that you get infected with this disease. It is this microscopic parasite (plasmodium) which you put into this health issue. This disease can be spread right from mother to her unborn child, it is through these blood transfusion that you can get infected. If you are going to share needles for the injection of drugs then there are chances that you will become the patient of malaria.

Complications Upon Having Malaria
You can get involved into breathing problems, this is the biggest complication which you shall have to face if you are having malaria, Any of your organ can get failed, your kidneys can get failed, you can have low blood sugar levels.

Treatment of Malaria
You have to reduce your exposure which regard to the mosquitoes, you should not be traveling to those countries where this disease is quite common.

You need to spray down your home on the regular basis. Make sure that your home walls are being treated with the sprays like insecticide. In this ways, these sprays will be able to kill all mosquitoes which are present in your home.

You should be sleeping right under the net, you have to make use of these bed nets so that you remains afer upon having malaria.

When it is the season of mosquitoes then you should also cover your face while you go outside, there is always the active season time of mosquitoes and during this active time, you have to take all of the precautionary measures. You can even put a spray on your clothes

This disease is quite common but it is you who can really cure this disease, it is just with the help of these treatment tips and precautionary measures that you can come out from this malaria zone. You can keep connected and in touch with us and we will guide you more about the ways that how can you become a malaria free person. We will share and attach more of the details on other common diseases and precautionary measures to deal with them. Homeopathy medicines can also treat the disease of malaria. Contact us for treatment of malaria.

Malaria Symptoms, Causes, Precautions & Treatment (Urdu-English)

Malaria Symptoms, Causes, Precautions & Treatment (Urdu-English)

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