Down Syndrome Symptoms, Causes, Precautions & Treatment (Urdu & English)

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21 March is the day of down syndrome, for the information, Down syndrome is a kind of genetic disorder and it is usually and mainly caused when the abnormal cell division primarily results and comes out in a form of a partial copy of chromosome 21. It is this extra form of genetic material which ultimately causes the developmental changes as well as physical features to be affected with Down syndrome.

Symptoms of Down Syndrome
The affected persons having Down syndrome, they always face some of the intellectual and also developmental problems. These problems and issues can be mild, moderate or they can be severe. The category of adults and also children, if they are having this disease, then they will be having distinct kind of facial features. You might have a flattened face and small head. Then you may have a short neck and protruding tongue. The affected person may have upward slanting eye lids which we call with the name of palpebral fissures. You many have unusually shaped small ears and also poor muscle tone. The affected individual may have short hands along with a single crease right in the palm and he shall have relatively short fingers and too small hands and small feet.

Causes of Down Syndrome  (DS or DNS)
It is seen that about 95 percent of Down syndrome is mainly caused because of the trisomy 21. In this, the affected person comprises and contain three copies of chromosome 21. It happens because of the abnormal cell division during the sperm cell or egg cell development stage. Then it is too because of the Mosaic Down syndrome that you get affected with this rarest condition which is Down syndrome.

Lastly, it is this condition named as Translocation Down syndrome which brings Down syndrome condition in your health as well. It happens when a certain portion of chromosome 21 becomes translocated right onto another chromosome.

Prevention, Precautions And Treatment for Down Syndrome
So far to prevent this condition of Down syndrome, not a suitable and right treatment has been devised to treat it. If you do have already one child who is affected with this issue, then you should always consult a genetic counselor before you decide to conceive for one more time. It will be this genetic counselor who can really and immensely help you and he will be the one who will understand your condition and issues. He is going to explain you about the importance of prenatal tests that how can you make your child safe with this condition of Down syndrome before giving birth to him.

This is all about the causes and symptoms as well as prevention, precautions and treatment of this Down syndrome condition. Stay tuned with us and more ways of dealing with this health condition will be shared with you. On this page, we will discuss more of the health conditions so timely stay tuned and in touch with us.

Down Syndrome Symptoms, Causes, Precautions & Treatment (Urdu & English)

Down Syndrome Symptoms, Causes, Precautions & Treatment (Urdu & English)

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