Typhoid Fever Treatment, Symptoms, Causes & Prevention (Urdu-English)

All About Typhoid Fever Treatment, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis & Precautions in Urdu & English Languages
This typhoid fever, it is mainly caused because of the Salmonella typhi bacteria. It is rare in most of the industrialized countries. On the other hand, it has turn out to be a serious health threat and issue in most of the developing world countries for children. It spreads mainly and generally through contaminated food and it is too spread all through the close contact with the person who has been infected. There are certain vaccines which are available so that you can fight with this disease easily.


Symptoms of Typhoid Fever
Talking about the important signs and symptoms of this disease, they are as follows. With respect to the early illness, you will start getting the fever as high as 104.9 F (40.5 C). You will get the headache and too feel weakness in your body. Then you will experience fatigue as well as muscle aches. Then person will notice sweating and he will get a dry cough. There will come a situation when you will have loss of appetite and too weight loss. You will get an abdominal pain or there may come a case when you will get diarrhea or the problem of having constipation. Some of the children too get rashes, they get this extremely swollen abdomen. In the later illness stages, you might become delirious, you may lie motionless and you will feel exhausted.

Causes of Typhoid Fever
This typhoid fever is generally caused all because of the virulent bacteria which is Salmonella typhi. It is due to the fecal-oral transmission route that you will get this typhoid fever. This bacteria spread all through the contaminated food or through the contaminated water. It is by the direct contact that you can develop this condition. Most of the cases, they either result and come from drinking contaminated water and also because of the poor sanitation. Then there are certain typhoid carriers which spread this disease.

Prevention & Treatment of Typhoid Fever
To treat and cure this issue, you need to have drinking water, you have to improve your sanitation conditions. Then you need to opt for adequate medical care. Do wash your hands regularly. It is suggested that one should do frequent hand-washing in soapy and hot water. This is the best and great way if you want to control infection. Before you eat, do wash your hands. Before you prepare your food, you need to wash your hands as well. You can carry this alcohol-based hand sanitizer all the time with you.

Then you should stay away from drinking untreated water. One should drink and have only bottled water or you can have canned water or you can have these bottled carbonated beverages. You should too stop eating raw fruits and vegetables because these raw fruits and vegetables are washed in dirty and unsafe water. Avoid eating those foods which are stored or which are served at room temperature settings.

Homeopathy provides best treatment of typhoid fever. You can consult our team on given number.

This is how you can treat this typhoid fever condition of yours!

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Typhoid Fever Treatment, Symptoms, Causes & Prevention (Urdu-English)

Typhoid Fever Treatment, Symptoms, Causes & Prevention (Urdu-English)

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