Effects & Health Benefits of Gemstones (Urdu & English Guide)

What are the Effects & Health Benefits of Gemstones? Tips in Urdu & English
We have power packed details for you on the gemstones and their effects on human health. These kinds of statements are given by the experts and scientists that different rays come out from these gemstones which impact the lives of individuals. Do you know that in the Surah Rehman of Holy Quran, the details of coral stone are given as well as we see the details on chalcedony which is a cryptocrystalline quartz, it mainly includes agate, jasper and petrified wood and too chrysoprase, bloodstone. In two to three surahs of Holy Quran, the indication on pearl stone is given. Holy Prophet PBUH used to wear Aqeeq which is a ring set attached to a chalcedony stone or he also used to wear turquoise gemstone. Hazrat Ali RA used to wear five different kinds of gemstones at one single time.

Coral Stone: This subjected coral stone marjaan is the kind of gemstone which can remove all kind of black magic from your lives. If you are having a bleeding issue and you get injured then place the powder of this coral gemstone on the affected part, you will see that bleeding will get stop after a few seconds. Paralysis patients, joints issue patients, fracture related patients, wearing this stone is suggested to them.

Emerald (Zamurd): The person can improve his speech and language skills. He can improve his memory skills. If you are an angry and impatient person, then this gemstone is recommended to such people.

Turquoise Gemstone ( Feroza): Your body will remain calm upon wearing this subjected feroza stone. If you often get hyper and lose control on yourself, then this stone can keep you under control.

Blue Sapphire ( Neelam): For the heart patients, this is a great gemstone to be utilized. Those who often get throat problems, if you are involved in some major or minor hear problem, then many health benefits will be given by this stone.

Quartz ( Aqeeq): This gemstone is made for the people who belong to Virgo and Cancer zodiac signs. If you ever feel that some one can do a black magic on you, then do wear this gemstone all the time.

Opal: In our society, love marriage is a tough task to accomplish. But you can remove these hurdles if you and your partner will wear this stone.

Pearl: This gemstone let you to sort out your misunderstandings and all differences. This stone is a name of beauty, the beauty aspect of any women gets enhanced if she will put on this stone.

Cat’s Eyes Gemstone: For the eradication of black and for the removal of evil magic from your life, this is the gemstone which can help you.

Ruby Gemstone: This gemstone tells you how to polish your fighting skills, you learn the fact to fight with the difficult phases of your lives.

Which gemstone you are wearing right now? It is doing good for you? Do share you experience! Now read the Urdu article given below this page on the health benefits of gemstones.

Effects & Health Benefits of Gemstones (Urdu & English Guide)

Effects & Health Benefits of Gemstones (Urdu & English Guide)


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