Top Ten Most Fatal Viruses (Virus Guide in Urdu and English)

Introduction & Symptoms of Most Dangerous Viruses in he World (Complete Virus Guide in Urdu & English)
Do you know that which are the most fatal kind of viruses which are risky for your health and they can even take you to the death mode, we will tell you! Here is the introduction of most fatal viruses, get a know how and complete information on them and opt for the complete treatment if you become the victim of these fatal and life threatening viruses.

Nipah Virus
This nipah virus belongs to the genus of Henipavirus. For the information, this NiV was initially identified in the year of 1999. It was during an outbreak phase of encephalitis as well as a respiratory illness that this virus was identified, it was among the pig farmers and those people who often have a close contact with the pigs present in Malaysia and Singapore, they become a victim of this Nipah virus.

Hendra Virus
Then we have hendra virus, it is the kind of virus which usually infect these large fruit bats which are also known as flying foxes. This virus can right away spread and transmitted from the flying foxes, then to horses and then it eventually get transmitted to human beings. If you will have the closest contact with the infected horses, then this virus will immediately be entered into your body.

SARS Virus
This SARS virus is termed as severe acute respiratory syndrome. It is one of the serious forms and kinds of pneumonia. This virus was first discovered in the year of 2003, if you will get affected with this virus then you will be targeted and attacked with acute respiratory distress disease.

Ebola Virus
We have ebola virus for you, this virus belong to genus of Ebolavirus. By becoming the victim of this fatal virus, you will get involved into a severe kind of and fatal hemorrhagic fever. This virus is being attacked on mammals and human beings.

Rift Valley fever (RVF)
Coming to the details of rift valley fever, this is an acute form of fevers. Note that this is a fever-causing viral disease and it is usually observed in the domesticated animals like we have cattle, buffalo. This virus is also observed in sheep, goats, camels.

Zika Virus
This Zika virus, it is mosquito-borne flavivirus. It was first identified in monkeys. Then in year 1952, it got entered into human beings, it is in Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania, Africa, America, Pacific regions and Asian regions, that this virus is most common. This virus becomes very serious and threatening in the pregnant women. It can cause birth defects like abnormal small heads.

Lassa Virus
We have lassa virus for you which can cause lassa hemorrhagic fever, this fever is one of the acute and sever viral haemorrhagic illness types. This virus gets transmitted right in the humans if they will make a contact with food which is contaminated with the rodent urine or with their faeces.

Marburg Virus
This Marburg virus is another form of hemorrhagic fever virus, it belongs to the Filoviridae family. This marburg virus (MARV) can mainly cause marburg virus disease which is most common among the humans and also among the nonhuman primates.

MERS Virus
We have MERS virus which is too termed as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. This is a viral respiratory illness and it was identified in Saudi Arabia in the year 2012 for the first time.
Last but not least HIV virus is also uncurable and very fatal for human beings. Hantavirus, Rabies, Smallpox, Dengue and Influenza.viruses are also very dangerous. We will give more info on other fatal viruses, so keep connected with us.

Top Ten Most Fatal Viruses (Virus Guide in Urdu and English)

Top Ten Most Fatal Viruses (Virus Guide in Urdu and English)


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