FAQ About Cliniconline.pk

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Clinic Online (Cliniconline.pk)

Q- How one can buy a course from you?

Ans- Its an easy process. You will have to inform us about the course which you want to buy. We shall send you your required course through registered VPP mail. You will pay the price of the course to agent of courier service. You may also send us payment through easy paisa and mobicash.


Q- What do you mean by individual curses?

Ans- In fact we are not running a pharmaceutical company. At present you are at the first ever online clinic of Pakistan. Although we have prepared general courses for all diseases, but we expect rather request our patients to provide us your individual symptoms, so that we may be able to send you a course as per your individual symptoms.


Q- What is your refund policy?

Ans- Our refund policy is just like all other doctors. No lawyer or doctor refund his fee. We are not selling you medicines. We are prescribing rather providing you medicines for your diseases. You may get one month free course in case of no positive response in one month. Yu will have to send us courier charges for getting free one month course.This offer is not for patients of sexual diseases.


Q- Why your courses related to sexual health are so costly?

Ans- No our sexual health related courses are not costly at all as compared allopathic medicines. We are still offering our courses on one third price and result of our medicines is much better than Viagra that’s why  we offer 2 types of general sexual health courses for men. These courses are time tested and have 100% result. We offer short courses just to prove the power of our sexual health courses. You can buy the short course for experiencing the result of our marriage course for men. We are sure that after using the short course, you will certainly buy our complete course.


Q- What are the side effects of your medicines?

Ans- We prescribe just homeopathic and herbal medicines and there are no side effects of both these kinds of medicines.


Q-Do you send medicines out of  the country?

Ans- No, but you may get them through your friends and relatives who are travelling to your current country of residence. We may prescribe you homeopathic and herbal medicines which you may buy from any country. In this case you will have to pay us 50% of our fee but in advance.


Q-Which courses you are offering at present?

Ans-We are offering one month course of almost all diseases. Here is the list of our most popular courses;

1-Marriage Course For Men

2-Marriage Course For Women

3-Height Growth Course

4-Hair Loss Course

5-Hepatitis Course (A, B, E & C)

6-Slimming Course


Q-Who are you people?

Ans- We are group of qualified and experienced homeopathic doctors, who are committed to provide you medical aid without disclosing your secrets.


Q-Is cliniconline.pk is a website like noorclinic.pk?

Ans-Not at all we shall answer your questions through emails only. We respect the moral values of our society.



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