Mystery of Zamzam Water, Unique Features, History, Composition, Benefits, Tips (Urdu & English)

The Mysteriousness of the Zamzam Well Remains Intact

Zamzam water is certainly a gift of nature to us Muslims, but one unique aspect of it is that for quite some time now, research organizations & scientists around the world have also been puzzled by it. Just think about how mankind’s landing on the moon has now become a tale of bygone days, just as millions of years of secrets of squares & other planets are no longer secrets to humankind. Similarly, the depths of the oceans are now within human reach, something that used to be considered a story of the past.



Unique Facts About Zamzam Water

However, what is the reason that research institutions around the globe have not yet been able to unravel the secrets & natural technology behind the Zamzam water and its well? Global research bodies have been committed for decades to uncover the reasons behind the unique properties found in Zam Zam water. For example, the well providing a continuous flow of water—720 liters per minute & 43200 liters per hour—where is this water coming from when Mecca’s terrain lacks water even hundreds of feet beneath the surface? Some researchers have also raised the question of why almost all wells around the world develop moss, a variety of herbs & wild plants or various insects over time, which changes the color and taste of the water. What kind of wonder of nature is it that the water of the Zamzam well neither grows moss nor has its taste or color changed over the centuries.



Healing Powers of Aab e Zamzam

It has also been noted that Aab e Zamzam has great healing powers. It is useful for treatment of many acute and chronic diseases. Ofcourse faith is also a key reason behind its healing powers, but these powers are not restricted for Muslims only.



Aab e Zam Zam The Natural Energy Drink

Aab e Zam Zam is also a great natural energy drink. No artificial energy drink can provide more calories or energy than Zamzam water. A 1 litre Aab e Zamzam is almost equal to full lunch or dinner. No matter how much zamzam you drink it never disturb your digestive system. Homeopaths should also use Zamzam to replace alcohal as vehicle.



Scientific Research About Zamzam

Another study revealed that despite the discharge of thousands of gallons of water in a second, the water level in the well does not drop even slightly. In other words, the underground water reserve replenishes the water as quickly as it is being discharged. A while ago, a Japanese research institute, the Hado Institute, had expressed surprise in one of their studies by stating that even a drop of Zam Zam water, when mixed with common water, transfers its properties to that water, whereas a drop of Zam Zam water bears no resemblance to any crystal found in water from any neighborhood in the world.



Latest Research

Another research has shown that the properties of Zamzam water cannot be altered even through recycling. There are many other types of water in the world, but the Almighty Allah has bestowed upon Zam Zam a superiority & virtue not granted to any other water. No special arrangements are made for drinking common water, nor is any other water consumed with the expectation of blessings, but special arrangements are made for drinking Zamzam.



Composition of Zamzam

Similarly, transferring common water from one place to another is seen as a burden, whereas traders & pilgrims consider Zamzam blessed and common, carrying it to different cities with them. As for the mineral content in Zam zam water, it contains sodium 133, calcium 96, potassium 43.3, bicarbonate 195.4, chloride 183.3, fluoride 0.72, nitrate 124.8 & sulfate 124 milligrams per liter. The Zamzam well, located about a kilometer from the Kaabah, is considered the oldest source of water, dating back more than 5000 years. Not only ancient, but it has been a source of continuous water supply throughout history.



Key Features of Zamzam Water

1-Zamzam water flows in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
2-It is revered in Islamic tradition.
3-Its source is a miraculously generated well.
4-It is believed to be divinely blessed.
5-It has undisputed purity & healing qualities.
6-Zamzam contains beneficial minerals & no contaminants.
7-Its taste considered unique & satisfying.
8-Maintained consistent qualities over centuries.


History of Zamzam Well & Water

Although for some time the water of this well had dried up, but Hazrat Abdul Muttalib Hazrat the grand father of Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) had a dream in which he was commanded to dig up this well again. He then dug up this well again & water gushed forth once more. Since then, this well has been continuously providing water.


According to historical traditions, the Zamzam spring emerged when the son of Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim (Abraham), peace be upon him, Hazrat Ismail A.S, scraped his heels on the ground. When Hagar had exhausted her food & water in the barren desert and began to search for water by running between the hills of Safa & Marwah, the water erupted from the well, which is not meters deep. The well is supplied water from three different locations.



Points to Remember

Research has shown that water in this well comes from the direction of the Black Stone, the Abu Qubais hills & Mount An-Nour. Describing this to “,” Dr. Engineer Mahni Koshak, who is a graduate in environmental engineering from the University of Washington & is an expert in water sciences and the first Saudi water affairs specialist with extensive & historical knowledge about the Zam Zam wells, stated that when Hagar (Hazrat Bibi Hajira) was frantically making rounds between Safa & Marwah and praying to her Lord for help, Allah sent the Angel Gabriel who struck the earth and mountains with his wing, causing fissures in the foothills of the mountains near Mecca.



In these fissures, a large reservoir of water was always present. The water accumulated within these mountains reached the site of the well, where groundwater surged forth vigorously when the infant Prophet Ismail (Ishmael), peace be upon him, scraped his feet against the ground. To protect the Zamzam well, a building has been constructed around it. A multi-storied building has been erected in the center of the Mataf area. A mesh has also been installed around the well. An ancient bucket marked with the year 1299 AH is preserved in the Museum of the Two Holy Mosques.



In 1377 AH, the Zam Zam building was demolished to make way for a pathway from the Mataf for benefactors, which has also been removed during recent expansions. In 1400 AH, the Zamzam well was cleaned by order of the late King Khalid. In 2010 AH, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz approved a major project worth 700 million dollars to cleanse & secure the water. Under this project, a facility has been established about four & a half kilometers from the Masjid al-Haram to store Zamzam water. This facility can store up to two hundred thousand gallons of Zamzam water on a daily basis.




1-Drink Zamzam with the intention of healing.
2-Use it for ablutions if possible.
3-You should share Zamzam with others as charity.
4-Store Zamzam in a clean container.
5-Consume regularly for spiritual benefits.
6-Recite prayers before drinking, if religious.
7-Research proper etiquette for consumption.
8-Respect the water’s sacred significance.
9-If you are not residing in Saudia then add more ordinary water in the bottle with few drops of Zamzam as now the ordinary water will become the Zam Zam.



Benefits of Zamzam Water

1-It is sourced from Mecca which the holiest place under sky.
2-It is rich in minerals beneficial to health.
3-Zam zam is believed to nourish & satisfy thirst.
4-It aids in detoxifying the body.
5-Zamzam water is best energy drink.
6-It can heal even fatal diseases or at least reduce the intensity of all diseases.


Final Words

In conclusion Zamzam water embodies profound significance in Islamic tradition. Its origins trace back to Hagar’s search for water, symbolizing divine intervention. The well’s presence near the Kaaba in Mecca adds to its sacredness. Millions of pilgrims from all over the world drink from it annually during Hajj & Umrah, believing in its spiritual healing properties. Scientific analyses suggest its unique composition, enriched with minerals. The preservation of Zamzam’s purity over centuries defies natural degradation processes. Its distribution worldwide fosters unity among Muslims, connecting them to their faith’s roots. Zam zam water serves as a symbol of faith , hope & divine providence. Its continued reverence underscores the enduring spiritual bond of believers. You must also drink the Aab e Zamzam on regular basis for keeping your fit and healthier.


A Man With a Vision & Mission-Tribute to Dr Ubaid Ur Rehman & Masjid Rehmat-ul-lil-Alameen


FAQs About Zam Zam Water

Q: What is Zamzam water?

A: Holy water for Muslims, from Mecca.

Q: Why is Zamzam water famous?

A: It's linked to religious miracles.

Q: Can anyone drink Zamzam water?

A: Yes, it's for everyone.

Q: How is Zamzam water accessed?

A: Through specialized wells and dispensers.

Q: Is Zamzam water treated chemically?

A: No, it's naturally pure.

Q: Do people believe in healing properties?

? A: Yes, many believe it heals.

Q: Can Zamzam water be purchased?

A: In some places, yes.

Q: Is there scientific research on Zamzam?

A: Studies affirm its unique composition.



Mystery of Zamzam Water, Unique Features, History, Composition, Benefits, Tips (Urdu & English)


Mystery of Zamzam Water, Unique Features, History, Composition, Benefits, Tips (Urdu & English)

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