Hepatitis C Causes, Precautions, Symptoms & Treatment in Urdu & English

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For the information, the medical term which we commonly use for this Hepatitis C issue, it is this inflammation of liver. Whenever you feel inflammation right there in your liver, then it is a danger sign for you. It is due to the hepatitis virus that this problem is mainly caused. It is though blood or through the transmission of blood products that hepatitis C is transferred from one person to another person. Do you know that in Canada, this disease is usually spread through the use of contaminated drug needles, it is true!

Hepatitis Treatment in Pakistan

Causes of Hepatitis C
This major and dangerous disease is spread if you are going to share needles while you will make use of illegal street drugs. It is one of the common ways that this disease get increasingly spread!

If you are going to use these non sterile instruments and non sterile needles for the purpose of body piercing and tattooing, then you get hepatitis C.

If you receive the organ like that of liver or kidney from the person who is already infected with this hepatitis C issue, then there are major chances that you will become the victim of this problem.

It is through blood transfusion that HCV spread as well. If you are going to share the personal care items like you use someone else nail clippers and razors then HCV will be transferred into your body too.

Symptoms of Hepatitis C
The initial phase of this problem is known as acute phase and in this phase most of the people usually feel tiredness as well as yellowish skin right in their eyes. You get into jaundice situation. Rest of the symptoms of this acute phase, they are fever and headache and too abdominal pan.

If you get into chronic phase of HCV then you will have joint pain and abdominal pain issues. Some of the long term complications are also involved in this disease and they are liver scarring, liver cancer.

Treatment of Hepatitis C
You can be cured by antiviral therapy, in this therapy your liver damage will be cured and the risk to get liver cancer will get treated and cured too. Your liver damage progress will get slow down. To treat this issue, you have to get done with your blood tests as soon as possible. You have to follow the procedures of medication therapy properly.

You should not share your toothbrush with any one, do not share or give your razor to any one. If you are having a sexual intercourse then you should be using latex condoms. If you have been working in some health care facility then you should be wearing protective gloves while you use needles. If you want to get your body part pierced or if you want to have a tattoo on your body then make sure that the practitioner should use sterile instruments. Remember that homeopathic medicines can do wonders for controlling all kinds of hepatitis. Contact our team with your recent reports.

Hepatitis C Causes, Precautions, Symptoms & Treatment in Urdu & English


Hepatitis C Causes, Precautions, Symptoms & Treatment in Urdu & English

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