All About Migraine Symptoms, Causes, Precautions & Treatment (Urdu-English)

Health Guide About Migraine Like Symptoms, Causes, Preventions & Treatment in Urdu and English LanguagesĀ 
Migraine is a common issue among all individuals, here we will explain to you about the main causes as well as precautions and treatment of this issue. It is the common sort of headache problem which is faced by maximum number of adults. On the other hand, women are largely affected because of this problem. We have classic migraine type which is known with the name of aura, in this type, your migraine will remain to stay for an hour time.

Symptoms of Migraine
Talking about the aura migraine symptoms, you will feel and get visual disturbances, there will be flickering of lights and flashing of lights in front of you. Then you will see zig zag lines and you will also get a blurred vision. You will feel temporary sort of blindness.

There will be a numbness sensation in your body or you will feel a tingling sensation. This numbness will arouse in your hands or in your arms or even on your face and you will feel that this numbness is similar to the pain as if needles and pins are embossed in your body.

You will experienced slurred speed and also poor concentration, then there will be problems in your co-ordination part. Your headache will last up to the time of 72 hours and there will be a throbbing pain at your one head side. You will feel sick and often vomit.

Migraine Causes
It is die to stress and changes in your sleep patterns and routines that you get migraine. It is because of the poor posture or if there is a tension present in your shoulders and neck then you will get this headache problem right away. If you will excessively eat cheese and chocolate, if you are an alcohol and caffeine person then this problem of migraine will for sure take birth in you.

It is because of the presence of loud noises and certain sort of smells that people get this issue. Then due to strenuous amount of exercise and skipping meals, because of the fact that you are not taking your meals properly, this migraine will surrou8nd you.

How Migraine is Treated?
You have to follow the self help therapy procedure. It means you have to keep a complete and proper diary of your migraine attacks. You have to record all of the symptoms of this issue of yours. Do take the proper medication.

Whenever you get a migraine, it is best that you should take some rest at some quiet room. You can wrap some ice in a towel and put it on your head so that your headache problem can get ease down.

You can do yoga or muscle stretches, then you can do medication, these are the relaxation techniques which you can do to treat your migraine problem. You can do some effective breathing exercises so that your anxiety and stress part can be managed.

All About Migraine Symptoms, Causes, Precautions & Treatment (Urdu-English)

All About Migraine Symptoms, Causes, Precautions & Treatment (Urdu-English)

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